Emigrant Direct Referral Bonus Update #3 – Over or Still On?

(11/5/05: This is old news, I now have plenty of referrals. Please follow the new directions for the Emigrant Direct Opening Bonus.)

Quick update – I just checked and I have reached 100 referrals for my Emigrant Direct Opening Bonus Promotion. But, I also saw that my contracted number of referrals has gone up from 100 to 1,000!


  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Jonathan,

    How do i make little meters like the ones you’ve got on the side of the web page? I want to keep track of my savings goals as well. Thanks so much

  2. hey i signed up, but you can keep the money!

  3. thanks josh ;)

    Anon – Sorry to disappoint, but it is done by good ole’ fashioned Microsoft Paint. I also made a crude Javascript version, but it didn’t look as good.

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