$10-$20 Emigrant Direct Signup Opening Bonus

I've Paid Out Over $900 $1,100 $1,500 in Bonuses Already!

Ok, here's the deal. Emigrant Direct's representatives have contacted me to set up a referral deal where if someone clicks on a specific link to Emigrant and signs up for an account, I get $20. I want to give some of it back to you, the readers, and make it like VirtualBank and ING Direct referral bonuses where both of us benefit. Given that I have to pay taxes on that $20, I am giving you $10 and keeping about $5 net for each person. I'm also giving you another chance for an additional $10 (read on below).

Let me reiterate here that this bonus program is run by me, not Emigrant Direct. Any questions regarding this bonus should directed to me. Any questions about the account itself should be directed to Emigrant Direct customer service. I will never ask you for account information that could compromise your account, including your Social Security Number, Login Username, Password, or Birthdate. The limited information submitted to me will not be shared.

You must follow these directions completely and accurately in order to receive the bonus. (For example, if I you only fill out one of the forms, you won't qualify. Also, if you just fill out both at once, you may not qualify. PLEASE FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS.) For those that are interested in opening an account with Emigrant Direct and want to get a $10-$20 bonus:

Click on either the banner below or *** this specific re-direct link *** which will bring you to Emigrant Direct's website and track your application, and open an account. Do not just go to EmigrantDirect.com and open an account.

Fill out this Bonus Form #1 completely on the same day that you applied. No last names required, just the e-mail you used to open the account with. This will add your information to my database. You will receive a confirmation e-mail.

Go through the opening process, which may take a while since you may (maybe not anymore) have to for a letter in the mail containing your account number.

Once you have fully funded your account and have online access, fill out Bonus Form #2. Please don't forget to do this, as you must let me know you completed the entire opening process so I can verify your information. This must be done within 45 days of filling out Form #1.

Please be patient. You will get paid as soon as I get paid for your opened account, which is 30 days after the end of the month in which it is credited. Not to worry, I've paid out over a thousand dollars in bonuses already!

At that time, I will e-mail you your choice of one of the following:

» $10 Amazon.com Gift Certificate
» $10 GiveAnything Certificate, good at over 300 stores.
» $10 via PayPal

NEW! Get An Additional $10! On top of your $10, you will also be allowed to submit one of your ING Direct referrals to me, which is worth another $10 in cash for you! Lots of people have already gotten theirs fulfilled. That's $20 total!

Again, everyone must follow these directions so I can match up the referrals that Emigrant tells me with the accounts that you tell me you opened. If the numbers don't match up, I'll have to figure out the fairest way to profit-share.

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Last updated 7/21/06