Emigrant Direct Down to 5.05% APY – August Bonus Payouts

Emigrant Direct has lowered their rate from 5.15% to 5.05% APY. If you’re interested in moving to Emigrant Direct’s online savings account with no minimums, why not get up to $20 along with it? Everyone who sent me their Form #2 in August for my Emigrant Direct Referral Bonus should have been paid this week. If not, let me know.


  1. Boooo to Emigrant Direct lowering their rate. Did you notice that EverBank’s FreeNet Checking Account promo rate is now up to 6.01%?

  2. Thank you for The Emigrant Direct bonus.

  3. Steve Torso says:

    What a brilliant marketing strategy, by offering the referral bonus.

  4. How very disappointing………

  5. Thanks for the $10 bonus 🙂
    5.05% is still pretty darn good

    Many new sites are opening high yield savings but they will go down

  6. I was surprised by the APR decrease.

  7. Thank you for the 10 dollar deposit

  8. The rate decrease is not really a surprise. If you invest in 28 day treasuries you have seen the rates fall by approximately .33 % (Investment Rate) over the last 7 weeks from their peak. Means the economy is most likely slowing. If you have money you can park for a longer term now may be the time to buy CDs and lock in a higher rate. The Fed may be done raising short term rates, hence the yields are falling.

  9. Thanks Jon for the refferal bonus $$$s.

  10. left exactly $1 @ emigrant, the rest 67,000 pumped straight into e-loan 🙂 that’s the beauty of liquid savings – they can be parked wherever it’s the warmest at the moment.

  11. Uh oh, wonder if Citi E-savings account will follow Emigrant’s lead and lower their rate as well.

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