Earn 750 United MileagePlus Miles For Joining MyPoints.

Just received this e-mail, does not appear to be targeted. Earn 750 bonus MileagePlus miles when you sign up for MyPoints at their link and keep your membership active for 30 days.

MyPoints is a program where you get points for reading marketing e-mails, taking surveys, and they are also a shopping portal like eBates. I used to use them but haven’t for a few years as the points have gotten even more devalued to the point that I don’t bother accumulating them.

But 750 United miles is worth taking 2 minutes to sign up with a temporary anti-spam e-mail address and forgetting about it. 750 miles is 3% of a 25k roundtrip award. 😉


  1. Thanks for the tip, I’m always on the hunt for more United miles. I just registered.

  2. I did this a couple years ago (same promotion) and had to contact MyPoints to force them to give me the 750 points. So don’t expect this to come without some hassle. Also, I found MyPoints to be utterly worthless.

  3. Actually, they’ve made this offer before almost a year ago. I signed up then and never received any points from United. You also get a ton of e-mails from Mypoints, and it’s not a very good program in my opinion. Just thought I’d forewarn anyone thinking of doing this.

  4. They don’t seem to accept spamgourmet email addresses. It gives me the following error when I enter mine: “Email address is not valid for Commercial Email “

  5. Sorry about the spamgourmet not working. I just use an alternate @yahoo.com e-mail address for these types of things, but I have always like how elegantly spamgourmet works for those that don’t want another e-mail address.

  6. My whole family had the “my point” several years ago, registering through Hilton Honors program in 2003-2004. MyPoint later cancelled our accounts without honoring those points we earned over time. Thus, we lost all points in the value of about US$400 after spending hours reading their e-mails and providing our personal information to the MyPoints partners and after making purchases through the provided links.

    Our family was there losing the opportunity of redeeming the “hard-earned” points because MyPoint program unilaterally canceled our accounts. We’ve been there; do you want to be in our shoes?

  7. I registered 6 months back. They have not posted the points for me either yet

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