Don’t Forget Your Local Credit Union

I know a lot of people who use local credit unions not only because they have reasonable prices, but they like the personalized customer service and small bank feel. Me, I’ve been pretty happy with my local Bank of America branch, it fulfills all my needs. But I just noticed in the newspaper that a local credit union is offering a 6 month promotional CD paying 5% APY. Not only is that a good rate, but they also have a branch right by my house.

Looking at their website, I also notice a lot of cool little features. They include: free cashier’s checks, free traveler’s checks, $10 outgoing wire transfers, and non-network ATM reimbursements. Definitely must check it out in person, their safety deposit boxes are only $20 a year. All these little things cost more at BofA and can add up.


  1. grr. was just going to make a post just like this.

    i’mma write one later anyway 😛

    but I honestly would stick with my credit union if it wasnt for Bank of America’s ridiculous ATM network in California. They’re everywhereee.

    But my credit untion, OCTFCU (orange county teachers federal credit union) is pretty darn good too. they also offer above average CD rates and no BS saving/checking account offers without any fees.

    besides the awesome customer service, they’re also very easy on the credit card fees too. I duno, I think I’ll switch back to them one day when they expand the ATM network a lil bit more.

  2. Band of America is everywhere now, from the West Coast to taking over NationsBank in the Southeast to Fleet Bank in the Northeast. I haven’t been to a city without one in a year.

    But if a CU can offer ATM reimbursements that are instantly applied to my account, I’d be up for that.

  3. My local credit union offers free access to almost any credit union ATMs. They also offer the ATM reimbursements, but i’ve never had to use that because i can always find a cu atm nearby.

    I believe they recently also started allowing deposits at these other ATMs. Earlier it was only for withdrawals.

    You might want to check into that…

  4. The only reason I havn’t signed up for an Orange County Credit Union that’s offered through work is their limited ATM network. Well, I guess it’s not really very limited but I want my ATMs like Wamu ATMs or Starbucks…..everywhere :).

    They have very good CD rates as well, except you have to have a checking account open, which charges a monthly fee if you’re going to be below a certain amount of money each month (which is very likely for my case).

    Anyway, I will have to look more into this as well. There’s alot of perks here!

    Orange County Budget Living

  5. In last 6 years, I dumped three times Washington Mutual, 2 times Citibank. I am quite happy with my Digital Credit union which provides everything (Including prepaid deposit envolopes)
    free. I mean free for last 6 years w/o charing a penny for Billpayer and online chat service.. Try it out.

  6. Gail Long says:

    I am with Orange County Credit Union. I asked them to turn off my overdraft feature on my checking account. I did not want to be able to get money out of my account when there was none, and get an overdraft fee. So I called then to turn this feature off on three different ocassions. I thought after the second time they left it on that they would reimburse me for the “mistake” of not turning it off. They admitted that I called and asked for the feature to be turned off, but said somehow it did not happen. I asked them for a refund on the overdrafts, and they were really nasty. I had several overdrafts and they would only refund two of them. It is a law now that they are obligated to turn off this feature. Then they lied to me this last time and said we have no information saying that you called us. The first time they said they always have the conversation on “voice recorded tape” but when a request is made, but made no mention of this when it was their mistake. Yikes!!!!! I believe this to be a law now that when requested they must turn off an overdraft debit feature.

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