Do You Have A Financial Success Story To Tell?

Everybody loves hearing success stories. I certainly do. And I know that many of you readers have some great tales to share…

  • Did you start your own business?
  • Did you crawl out from under a mountain of personal debt?
  • Did you overcome hurdles (illness, tragedy, divorce…) to reach financial stability?
  • Did you switch careers?

If so, I would like to interview you either online or via telephone. I’ll ask questions like – What did you start with? Who/What inspired the idea? How did you do it? What outside help did you have? What tools, software, or services did you use? What was the most helpful advice you received? What was the most unhelpful advice you received? Any regrets?

Alternatively, you can submit something to me in writing. Please include as much detail as possible. Either way, toot your own horn and contact me! I can keep it completely anonymous if you’d like.


  1. The interview was fun!

  2. I have my story posted over at my website.
    I wont post the link so you wont think I was just doing this for publicity.
    I’ve been a loyal reader for a while now. Rarely posted.
    The story is not yet complete, but I have gotten myself out of a $15K hole, and am now working on building from the ground up.
    Thanks for al your helpful insights and inspiration Jonathan

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