Discover Card Holiday Mall Promotion: $20 off each $200 spent

Discover $20 Gift CardDiscover Card is again running their Holiday Mall Promotion, which gives you $20 back for every $200 that you spend at limited mall locations.

Get a $20 Discover® Gift Card when you make $200 in purchases with your Discover Card at a participating mall between 11/01/08–01/04/09, while supplies last. Original receipts and the Discover Card used to make the purchases must be presented to a participating mall’s Customer Service by 01/04/09. Limit 5 Gift Cards per account, while supplies last, during the promotion period. Gift Card is valid through July 31, 2009.

Basically, you can get up to 10% back if you spend an exact multiple of $200, with a maximum $100 off $1,000 per Discover card account. (Additional cardholders seem to count as a separate “account”.) Not a bad deal if you’re gonna spend that much anyways. Mmm… Macbook…

During a previous year, a reader happened upon a loophole: If you return your purchase, there is no requirement to return the gift cards. Maybe you found something cheaper elsewhere. This brought up some ethical problems. Keep them? Or try handing them back to the Customer Service clerk? But be careful, because if you end up deciding to buy more stuff again later, you won’t be able to participate again since they don’t have any official mechanism to return the gift cards.

New Discover Card Sign-Up Promotions: $50 to $100
This would go nicely with the Discover More Card which now offers 0% on balance transfers and purchases for 15 months. 1% cash back on most purchases, and 5% back on rotating special categories.

The Miles by Discover Card also offers 12,000 Miles (1,000 miles per month with any purchase for a year). This can be redeemed for $100 cash credit towards any travel purchase put on the card (air, hotel, car rental), or you can get a $50 gift card + $25 cash.


  1. The last two years we have purchased restaurant gift cards at our mall (Chili’s & TGIFs). So we also earned the 5% Discover cash back bonus (which they are doing this year) on our purchase.

    PLUS the restaurants were giving you a $5 bonus card for every $25 you purchased.

    So it broke down like this:

    Purchased $200 in gift cards, got $40 in bonus cards.

    Got $20 Discover Gift Card.

    Got $10 Cash Back Bonus reward.

    So spent $200, got $260 in gift cards then got $10 back.

    Not too bad as gift cards come in handy for gifts!!

  2. Awesome! This is a really good deal. I’m almost certainly going to do it this year. You can just buy a bunch of gift cards, and the 5% Get More works at grocery stores, restaurants, and movies (though none of those are sufficiently enticing to prevent me from going to the Apple store instead).

  3. Several malls sell Visa or AMEX gift cards that can be used anywhere. The fees are usually about 2 dollars per card (which usually max out at 500). So buy 2 visa gift cards for $1004, get $10 in cashback, plus $100 in discover gift card. That sure beats 5% reward cards.

  4. Discover also offer 5%-20% cash back through their online catalog. There’s a Discover Business Card that gives you $100 cash back for purchasing up to $1000 in 3 months.

    Anyone who would like to sign up for Discover More card could get $50 from the credit card company and get $15 bonus from me as a referral through their affilated program. If anyone needs link please email me and ill hook you up

  5. there are only three malls in the whole of Indiana. even if I wanted to take advantage of this, there’s not a mall near me. wth!!

  6. I used this promotion to get my iMac last year. Between this and their rather minimal black friday discounts I was able to essentially not pay tax on my purchase. I then wanted to go back to the apple store and get more stuff but felt trying to burn through 5 giftcards on one item would cause too many problems at the checkout for a packed out store.

  7. their list of malls has contracted dramatically

    the good malls in my area are now off the list


  8. If you are lucky enough to be in MD, and within driving distance to 4 Simon Malls…

    Step 1. Buy two (2) $500 Visa Debit Cards from Mall office, they are good anywhere (minus 4 dollars in fees, plus 10 in cashback bonus)
    Step 2. Get $100 in Discover Gift cards as bonus
    Step 3a. Use Visa Gift Cards to buy $500 worth of dollar coins from the US Mint (free shipping, no fees, must register address with Simon)
    Step 3b. Use other Visa Gift Cards to buy a $500 worth of a different set of dollar coins from the US Mint
    Step 4. Get coins, cash them in at bank.
    Step 5. PROFIT!!!

  9. I just took advantage of the promo today. I had absolutely no problems buying five $200 gift cards on separate receipts at the Apple store and then getting the five $20 gift cards from Customer Service. They even had piles of signs and pamphlets about the promo. Even better, you can actually combine the five cards or use up to four gift cards for an online purchase from Apple.

  10. The Discover More card doesn’t pay 1% back until you’ve made $3000 in purchases. It starts off only paying 0.25% back on purchases. I rarely use mine though for anything but purchases in the 5% category though so it is still a pretty good card.

  11. I’ve taken part of this each of the past 3 years. Basically, buy $1000 of stuff (1-2 high-dollar items at electronic stores will do it) and go to the customer service part of the mall & get your $100 in gift cards. Then in a few weeks, return the $1000 of stuff to the mall stores. Profit: $100 per card holder!!

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