Discover Business Card $100 Bonus – Expires 12/31

The $100 bonus promotion from the Discover Business Card is going away on December 31st. You can earn a $100 Cashback Bonus when you make $1000 in purchases within 3 months after your account is opened.

In addition, there is 0% APR on purchases for 12 months, so there is no hurry to pay the whole balance off right away. Just keep in your bank account earning interest. Finally, you can get 5% back on office supplies, 2% on gas, up to 1% on all other purchases.

As with all these business cards, individuals can apply as sole proprietors by simply using their name as the business name. You just need to put your Social Security number as requested, and leave the Federal Tax ID blank for this application (it will use your SSN). More details here. More $100 bonuses listed here.


  1. Does this card report a business credit score or do they only do FICO?

    Do you have a blog entry that lists business credit cards that report to the business credit score?

  2. I have owned a Discover Card with a decent sized limit for many years.

    I tried to apply for a 2nd Discover Card (a different type) to use as a 0% card a couple of years ago, and they turned me down saying I already have an account with them.

    Do you know if they count a business account separately from personal accounts? I know Chase counts their business card completely separately, but I’d rather not apply and get the inquiry for nothing if Discover doesn’t.

  3. I have had the same experience, Dan. If someone has both a Discover Business and personal Discover card, please share!

  4. I have a Discover personal and this business card and no problems having both concurrently. PROBLEM: I applied for this with the bonus $100 deal 4 months ago and they WILL NOT honor the bonus deal. You will be able to get approved for the card but you will not get the $100 bonus because it was targeted to a person (the code used in the URL) and only that person was approved for the bonus. I’ve spoken at great length to Discover CSRs about this and they won’t budge to give me the bonus. YMMV

  5. DollarBill says:

    I applied on Dec 30 after seeing this posting and received my card last Saturday. Before calling to activate the card, I called 888-DISCOVER and the CSR confirmed that my acccount WAS elegible for the $100 cash back bonus after $1000 in purchases within 3 months, so I went ahead and activated the card.

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