Discount Magazines Black Friday Sale 2017 is running their Black Friday Blowout Sale through Sunday 11/26. Nice time to either get some gifts or just lock-in cheap pricing for multiple years. Here are some sample magazine prices during the sale.

  • Consumer Reports Magazine. 1 year 13 issues for $18.49 ($1.42/issue)
  • Money Magazine. 1 year 12 issues for $$4.75 ($0.40/issue)
  • Kiplinger’s Personal Finance 1 year 12 issues for $5.49 ($0.46/issue)
  • Outside Magazine. 1 year, 12 issues for $4.15 ($0.35/issue)
  • ESPN. 1 year 12 issues for $3.75 ($0.14/issue)
  • Men’s Health / Women’s Health. 1 year 12 issues for 4.50 ($0.38/issue)
  • Better Homes & Gardens. 1 year 12 issues for $3.89 ($0.32/issue)
  • Us Weekly. 1 year 52 issues for $9.96 ($0.19/issue)
  • Wired. 1 year 12 issues for $3.99 ($0.33/issue)
  • Popular Science. 1 year 6 issues for $3.89 ($0.65/issue)
  • Rachael Ray Every Day. 1 year 10 issues for $3.89 ($0.39/issue)

Importantly, DiscountMags does NOT require auto-renewal, where they charge your credit card automatically at the end of the subscription period at a higher price. This mean you never have to call in to cancel, and makes it easier to shop for another deal later. No sales tax, no other funny charges.


  1. Practically all of these can be read for free electronically through your local library. I got rid of all my mags because of that.

    • That’s certainly a good option to explore. I still prefer print in some cases for the convenience as long as the price is right. They also make good gifts for certain people. My subscriptions are to Bloomberg Businessweek and Car & Driver. If I had more free time, I would sub to Outside or Backpacker.

  2. I get free magazines through Rewardsurvey, Rewardsgold, and Recyclebank.

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