Die Hard! The Vanguard Way

Wasn’t Die Hard a great movie? It’s even got a Christmas theme =). I can’t remember a single thing about the sequels though… Anyways! Diehards.org is a forum for people to discuss mutual funds, more specifically Vanguard mutual funds but not exclusively. The forum is a bit tedious to wade through, with tons of posts and little organization. However, the people there are very nice (even to newbies) and each have their own interesting spin on mutual funds and asset allocation strategies. Supposedly Mr. Bogle himself stops by occassionally. Here are some of the more interesting threads that I came across:

The Intelligent Asset Allocator by Wm. Bernst” by 3515duck
“My Asset Allocation Plan” by Robin
Newbie portfolio comments appreciated” by ramesh
Single Target Retirement Fund in an IRA” by Arenal

Yippie Ky Yay…

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