Did I Refer You To Sprint SERO or Scottrade?

Whenever I participate in a referral program, although it also benefits me, I am always thankful for the readers who let me refer them. So when I run out of referrals, I try to “spread the love” by directing future requests to those that allowed me to refer them initially. I have been doing this informally up until now, but I want to set up a more direct and systematic way to do this over the weekend.

Here are two programs that I can’t provide referrals for anymore. If I referred you to these referrals initially, and you are willing to release the needed information in order to fill future requests, please let me know and I will add you to the rotation. If I don’t get enough response, I will open it up to all readers. Please don’t ask for referrals in the comments, e-mail me instead. Thanks!

Sprint Referral Program – For new accounts, allows both referrer and referred Sprint wireless customers to both earn $25. I will need to share your Sprint wireless phone number.
Scottrade Referral Program – For new accounts, allows both referrer and referred to earn 3 free stock trades. I will need your full name and e-mail address, and preferably the address of your local Scottrade office.


  1. has this been going on for months/years already? or a new program from Sprint?

  2. No more SERO now. It’s dead. This is what I got:

    This special Sprint promotion has expired. Thank you for your interest in Sprint. You may check out our current hot promotional deals online at http://www.sprint.com.

  3. Try the other e-mail address listed: savings@sprintemi.com. It still works for me.

    Sometimes one works, sometimes the other, sometimes both.

  4. Sheng – The Sprint referral program has been going on for a while. If you are a new Sprint user (any plan, doesn’t have to be SERO), you can get $25 gift card for listing someone as a referral. If you need such a person, that’s when you can contact me.

  5. i have been tracking the Sero plan for a couple of months now. Looks like a great deal, but it does seem to be dead. i have tried both savings@sprintemi.com and enternow@sprint.com (i used the second one several times before and it worked) if anyone knows what the deal is, please post. if there is another generic email to try, could you post it or email it to me.

    Doesn’t make sense to say the promotion is over, but still allow people to attempt to login…

    i hope sero stays around till my original contract is up in November.

  6. The email address does not need to be one of the two listed. Any valid Sprint email address will work. I originally signed up with john[dot]smith[at]sprint[dot]com. I just tested it with the same address and went straight to the order screen.

    Good luck!

  7. Thanks Steven. I tried a real sprint email address found while googling and it got me through. also your john smith one works as well… Is that one made up? I just tried to make one up and it wouldnt recogonize. I would hate to harass a splint employee by using their email without their permission… =)

  8. If you call 8888-882-4030 you can get the unlimited free text messages. just got off phone with rep. for some reason the free txt msg is not showing if you use the site, but you will get it if you call the number.

    Here is the link for all the details link

  9. jonathan,
    i’m a new sprint user,and regarding the referral program, i would like to put you on my list. email: sbn7077@gmail.com

    i’m not sure if it will still work for me, but i can give it a try.

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