Bonus Delta SkyMiles for Washington State Residents

seahawksBack again for the 2017-2018 season. If you are a resident of the state of Washington state and age 18+ (as indicated by your Skymiles account), you can register at and receive the following perks from Delta Airlines:

  • 1 bonus mile for each passing yard accumulated by the Seattle Seahawks (regular home and away games).
  • Priority boarding when departing out of SeaTac Airport on Delta during the season (8/17/17 to 2/4/18).
  • Chance to win various free stuff like tickets, gift cards, and VIP access.

Looks like Delta just wants you to like them, as you don’t actually need to buy anything to be eligible.


  1. Delta and Alaska were friends but are now fierce rivals. Delta going into Alaskas backyard is there way of firing a big fu missile their way

  2. Interesting. I signed up for one of the BA miles programs back in 2011 through one of your posts or so and I’ve been pleased with them. I atually just cancelled the card this year but I used the miles for several travels.
    I’ll pass this along to friends who can use this. Thanks for sharing.

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