December 2005 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

Net Worth at Age 27

My large credit card debt is all at 0% APR interest. Please see my posts on taking advantage of no fee 0% APR balance transfers for more information. In short, I’m borrowing the money for “free” and keeping it in safe investments while earning me interest. I’m actually waiting on acquiring even more debt from two recent credit card applications.

When I first ran the numbers for this month, I had to do a double-take. But apparently the stock market has been going gangbusters last month, and my investments have gone up over $1,500 alone. I knew I should have bought some during the dip, but didn’t have time to do any research.

We also had a good month of saving and earning, despite hosting my family for Thanksgiving and doing a lot of shopping. It also helped that I finally got paid for my Emigrant Direct Opening Bonus referrals. In the end, our net worth increased an even $2,800. Very nice.

Looking closer, our non-retirement assets tickup up a healthy amount to $47,226, getting us to 47% of our house downpayment goal.


  1. Congrats on saving that much for the month. Do you set out to save a specific amount per month?

  2. Thanks. No we don’t, but I do monitor and track our spending. My next task is to do that for this month.

  3. Jonathan, glad to see that you had a good month overall. About your Roth IRA, which institution do you have it with and why?

  4. Vanguard, I think if you search for “Vanguard” you will see I have a bunch of posts about them. They have consistently low expense ratio index funds, match my investing beliefs, and they are run as a mutual company.

  5. You should consider converting your Traditional IRA to a Roth since you are young.

  6. Yep, I am. Next year will be my lowest tax bracket so I’m probably going to do it then.

  7. What’s even more amazing to me is that you are seeing significant increases to your net worth even while you are going to school.


  8. The personal finance bloggers net worth rankings are up for November. Also included is a new October to November net worth change ranking.

  9. I’ll have another fat tuition bill in January, though.

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