Dave Barry Does Personal Finance Advice

Dave Barry's Money Secrets book coverHow do you know when there’s too many personal finance books out there? When comedian Dave Barry does one. In his new book Money Secrets: Why Is There A Giant Eyeball on the Dollar?, he pokes fun at corporations, Suze Orman, and everyone else.

He shares such gems as the solution to soaring college costs: Don’t let your kid study too much, so they can’t get into private school. State schools are much cheaper. Just like the gurus, he’s got a financial assessment quiz for you, with questions like:

How are you planning to pay for retirement?
1. Savings
2. Social Security
3. Selling your kidneys.

How do you assess potential investments?
1. Determine the P/E ratio.
2. Historical performance.
3. The name of the jockey.

Funny stuff.


  1. I don’t suppose you’re giving this one away. This is one of the few finance books I could look forward to reading!

  2. Sorry, Dave didn’t send me a free copy of this 😉 Here’s another one:

    How much debt do you have, other than your mortgage?
    1. Over $10,000
    2. Under $10,000
    3. People are threatening to break my thumbs.

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