CreditKarma vs. Barclaycard Free FICO Credit Score Comparison

Since both my Barclaycard Arrival World Mastercard and now both offer free credit scores based on my TransUnion credit report, I thought it would be interesting to track both of them over time and see how well they correlate with each other. The Barclaycard offers a FICO® score, while CreditKarma offers a “TransUnion® New Account Score”. Both are on a 300-850 point scale where higher means more creditworthy.

Sample Snapshot

Historical Scores
The date provided is the observation date when I check each site. Neither scores update daily so they may pull credit report info on slightly different dates. However, over time they should track closely.

Date Barclaycard FICO
November 5th, 2013 784 766
December 28, 2013 816 772



  1. My Barclay FICO score is 760 and Credit Karma score is 790.

  2. @Nvtech – Thanks for sharing. Looks like either one can be 20-30 points higher than the other. Interesting.

  3. My Barclay FICO is 821 and Credit Karma is 805. Interesting to see everybody elses results.

  4. My Barclay FICO is 730 and Credit Karma shows 645. I understand they are based upon slightly different models, but an 85 point difference seems rather strange. I’ve been tracking both for about 8 months and they appear to be increasing at the same rate, so I’m not sure where the discrepancy is.

  5. Credit Karma is a TU Transrisk score, aka a FAKO score. Does not really correlate to a real FICO score. Barclay uses a real TU08 FICO for their scoring model. Transrisk and FICO scores use different models and cannot be compared with any real accuracy, which is why the scores could be as much as 100 points off. Almost no creditor uses Transrisk, so it is fairly useless other than a general guide.

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