My Credit Card Number Stolen for… Shoes?

I just found that that someone just used my credit card to buy $138 worth of shoes at a store called Journey. They also tried to buy $300 of shoes at Payless, but that got rejected. That’s a whole lot of $10 shoes. For some reason Bank One didn’t feel the need to call me about this, but they did disable the online access to my account. I guess this is cheaper than just calling me?!?

I’m very concerned, as I feel this may be connected to a recent discovery of massive identity theft (bugmenot login) in California. Apparently anyone at Kinko’s can get my personal information for the right price using a fax machine. Arrggh.

I am really vigilant about these type of scams, and check my Yodlee account daily. I just realized a couple days ago that my Bank One account wasn’t updating, and today finally got the chance to call them up and ask why. I’m not going to be held liable for the charges, but if they stole this number, what about the rest of my 10+ cards? or my Social Security number and my entire identity? I am thinking a website got compromised, as I have had this card since 2002 and back then it was my primary card for all purchases. I just checked all my accounts online and nothing weird showed up, but you can be sure I’ll be keeping a close eye on them. Now to check my credit report online for free (currently only available to Western states). If anything else shows up weird I’ll be filing a fraud alert with the credit bureaus.


  1. That’s a screwed up way to tell you some idiot with a foot fetish has stolen your card. Seriously…who buys shoes with stolen cards?

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