Savings Club Free 1-Year Membership

Get premium coupons in the Savings is – surprise! – a site that offers digital and printable coupons online to many major brands. They also have a “Savings Club” where you pay $30 a year and get access to bigger coupons and a Coupon Finder tool. To celebrate their anniversary, they are offering a free 1-year Savings Club membership with the promotion code BIRTHDAY. The only catch is that you must provide a credit card and if you don’t cancel, the next year will be $30 charged on your card. You can cancel anytime during the free first year with no charges.

Despite a few tries, I am just not cut out to be a extreme couponer. Perhaps it’s our small family or the fact that I’m unwilling to drive out of my way to chase down sales when there is already a Costco, a supermarket, and a weekly farmer’s market just minutes away from my house. I’m not judging though – I’m happy that others can save a lot of money with coupons.


  1. Scott Guirlinger says:

    We used to use but found that it’s really just a bunch of junk mixed in with coupons you can get elsewhere. I recommend just going to one of the General Mills product websites and you can usually get better priced coupons without the need to sign up or provide any financial information.

  2. heidi oppermann says:

    I am unsubscribing from this service as of this date. My bank as been notified to no longer allow withdrawals from my account for my coupon savings club

  3. @heidi – Um, okay but I am not just to be clear. You’ll have to notify them directly to cancel.

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