Lists of Companies That Consistently Raise Dividends

I’m about halfway into a review copy of the book Get Rich with Dividends by Marc Lichtenfeld. Although there is more hype than I usually like – “easy 12% returns!” – I am learning things about dividend stock investing.

There is a handy chart in the book that compares a variety of stock lists that track companies with histories of consistently raising their dividends with no cuts. They are included below, along with a brief description and links to the full lists. Some of these have corresponding ETFs, but many of the smaller-cap companies are not covered by ETFs or fund managers and may be good targets for individual investors. Good reference.

Name Provider, Full List Requirements
S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Standard and Poor’s
  • Annual dividend raised 25+ years in a row.
  • Part of the S&P 500.
  • Liquidity requirements.
Dividend Champions DRiP Resource Center
  • Annual dividend raised 25 years in a row.
  • No size restriction, or liquidity requirements.
  • Aristocrats are a subset of Champions.
Dividend Achievers Indxis
  • Annual dividend raised 10+ years in a row.
  • Liquidity requirements.
  • Several versions of index.
Dividend Contenders DRiP Resource Center (included in Champions spreadsheet)
  • Annual dividend raised 10-25 years in a row.
  • No size restriction, or liquidity requirements.
  • Achievers are a subset of Contenders.
Dividend Challengers DRiP Resource Center (included in Champions spreadsheet)
  • Annual dividend raised 5-9 years in a row.
  • No size restriction, or liquidity requirements.


  1. Squeezer @Personal Finance Success says:

    Thanks for putting this all in one place!

    • I like dividends as a source of income in retirement, because they are always positive, they usually grow above level of inflation, and they rarely get cut. A diversified income portfolio can provide retirees with a stable and growing stream of income, which maintains purchasing power of income and principal, and then some.

      The list of Dividend Champions, Contenders and Challengers maintained by Dave Fish is the most comprehensive list on US Dividend Growth Stocks. It includes a wealth of information, that is a major time saver in the initial stages of research for many dividend investors. But investors should also look for quality, not just metrics.

  2. Thanks!

    I always wonder why these folks write books when they CAN make a killing in the field and not bother about the tedious process of writing books and selling them.

  3. I used to use the Aristocrats as my first screen but switched to the Champions because I didn’t particularly care about the S&P requirement.

  4. Matt @ Dividend Monk says:

    I never read that book, though I share your dislike for those terms like “easy 12% returns”.

    David Fish’s Dividend Champions, Contenders, and Challengers is pretty much the go-to list for dividend investors. He updates news for the stocks quite often on Seeking Alpha as well.

    @xmasy: Long-term value investing (including a focus on dividend stocks) is a very long-term process rather than a way to get rich quick. Capital compounds over the long term while the investor can go elsewhere to bring in active income through jobs, books, and so forth.

  5. Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager says:

    Great list. Thanks for sharing!

  6. suzanne says:

    I purchased Altria at $14 a share during this last bear market at a 13% dividend and now the dividend is at 20%. It really is true. The perpetual dividend raisers are awesome.

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