Citibank Ultimate Savings Account – $50 Bonus

Citibank has a new online savings account called the Ultimate Savings account. (It’s not the ultimate savings account.) It varies from their e-Savings Account noted in my online savings account comparison in the following ways:

  1. You don’t need a linked checking account; It can stand alone, unlike the e-Savings Account.
  2. The interest rate is slightly lower, at 4.65% APY instead of 4.75%.

There is no minimum balance and no monthly fees. Citibank is offering a $50 bonus for signing up if have never had any bank accounts with them before. Since you only get one, also consider this $100 bonus for opening a Citi e-Savings + Checking combo with at least $5,000.

Also note that it Citibank usually does perform a hard credit inquiry with account openings (for no good reason). So it may or may not be worth it. I used to have a Citi checking account, so I’m out. Thanks Tanyetta for the tip. Fine print:

$50 Offer is only available for first-time Citibank deposit account customers, and will be paid only once to any individual. Persons who currently have or at any time have had a deposit account at Citibank (or any of its predecessor banks) are not eligible. To qualify for this offer you must apply for and open a new Ultimate Savings Account by 04/30/2007. $50 will be credited to your Ultimate Savings Account within 90 days from the end of the statement period in which your account was opened.


  1. Although you don’t have to open a checking account to have an Ultimate Savings account I believe you do have to open a checking account to qualify for this bonus.

  2. Citi Checker says:

    CitiBank just lowered the rate on e-Savings to 4.5% APY, so the Ultimate is now the higher of the two at 4.65% APY.

    Glad to find this page – I was thinking about changing my e-Savings to an Ultimate for the rate, but will rethink it if they vary which one is higher.

  3. Citi Banker says:

    Yeah this sucks I opened an e-savings couple days ago when it was 4.75. Now it’s 4.50 and ultimate is the higher one. Makes no sense to me why they would do that…

  4. Citi Customer says:

    I guess Citi Bank want more customers to open EZ checking account with them, I have to jump to Ultimate saving from E-saving,

  5. Opened ultimate savings with one dollar. Didn’t have to open checking to recieve 50.00 dollars. Do have to wait 90 days to get the 50 dollar deposit.

  6. Went through the application process, and the last (confirmation) screen showed that I had signed up for the Citibank Account WITH the Ultimate Savings Account. The terms for the Citibank Account say that you have to have a $6,000 balance to avoid fees, and the promotional info for the Ultimate account says that you don’t have to have a checking account, and that there are no fees as long as it is a stand-alone account. How can it be stand-alone, if they automatically sign you up for a checking account? Sent them a message to make sure they did NOT open a checking account. Waiting for a reply.

  7. Hmmm…..opened the account about 1.5 month ago and still haven’t got the $50 bonus yet. Guess really have to wait for 90 days as stated.

  8. Stagger says:

    Please disregard. For anybody else with the regular e-savings/checking $50 (pre-4/31/07) here is the link

  9. Stagger says:

    I’ve been in contact with Citi regarding my missing $50. I must have signed up for the account through a non-promotional page by accident. Anybody have the promo code for e-savings $50 bonus from around March/April?

  10. code is CYJB on the email link I just recived…. anybody sort out what the fees actaully are.. i.e. if I keep a good balance (lets say a few K) will I really get 4.5% with no hidden??

  11. How can I change my e-savings to ultimate saving? Does citi bank perform a hard credit inquiry for that, even though I have already had e-savings and checking account?

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