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This week, the New York Times offered up two helpful articles about the current best sites for finding cheap airfares: Booking a Flight the Frugal Way by the Frugal Traveler and Sites That Do Your Fare Digging by the Practical Traveler. I guess nobody wants to hear from the Disturbingly Rich and Wasteful Traveler.

Instead of having to read through these long articles again every time I need to book a flight, I found myself just making a list of all the handy links that were thrown out.

  • Bing Travel (also bought FareCast)
  • (doesn’t sell tickets)
  • ($50 annual fee, but pays rebates)
  • – Tracks flight prices
  • – International flights
  • – International flights


  1. Sofaking Nuts says:

    I would add to the list. It’s similar to Kayak. I recently began using Bing Travel for their price predictor. I’m not sure how acurate it is, but it’s a cool tool.

  2. I’d add cheap fares are good, free flights are better.

  3. I have been looking at the scanner for awhile too. I saw Costco coupons for the scanner recently. I think I will use my Costco Amex rebate to get it.

  4. My wife uses Kayak and has been pleased. I like the comparison shopping it allows you to do.

    I have not really heard of many of the others, but I will keep this list, thanks!

  5. You don’t need that list of websites, you only need one:

  6. Thankdful reader says:

    This list just saved me over $200. I booked my flight through vayama. The company didn’t issue the ticket immediately (it took less than 24 hours though) but the 24 hour wait was worth the savings.

  7. Thankdful

    You are most welcome, we are glad you saved $ 200 by booking via Vayama.

    Thank you
    The Vayama Team

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