Chase Checking Account $100 Bonus Coupon Code

Chase Bank is offering a $100 bonus if you open a new Chase Checking(sm) account with $100 and either set up direct deposit or make five debit card purchases. Through the link, they will e-mail you a coupon with a unique code that you must print out and physically bring into a local Chase branch. Selected fine print:

Bonus/Account Information — To qualify for the cash bonus you must open a new Chase CheckingSM account with a $100 minimum opening deposit of new money (money not currently held by Chase or its affiliates). Also, within 60 calendar days of account opening, you must initiate a monthly direct deposit such as payroll, pension or Social Security, or have at least five debit card purchases using your PIN or signature posted to your account. The cash bonus will be deposited into your new account within 10 business days after the initial direct deposit or the five debit card purchases have posted to your account. Limit one personal checking account-related cash bonus/premium per customer, per calendar year.

Offer available only at Chase branded branches, excluding branches in California. Expires 6/23/09. One thing I noticed is that the “Chase Checking” account requires either direct deposit or 5+ debit card purchases each month to waive the monthly fee, something not required by the similar WaMu Free Checking bonus.


  1. Your link to the WaMu bonus says that they too require DD or 5+ DC trans.

  2. Yes, but only DD for the bonus, not as a condition of avoiding monthly fees in the future.

  3. So I tried locating a Chase branch near my area and it says there isnt one within 50 miles of me. I take it that they will not allow taking the coupon to a Wamu instead?

  4. I’m staying away from anything Chase.

  5. Anything saying you cannot close the account once the bonus has been awarded? Is there a minimum time the account has to remain opened?

  6. Chase is one bank that NEVER keep its promises for any kind of promotion.
    There is a total disregard for customer satisfaction.

    Just avoid NOT worth the hassle.

    I was a happy customer with a small bank that chase took over.Than they changed every fine print as months passed.I was charged with fees which when II called they politely told me they cannot waive even one time.The system doesnt let them???

  7. Tom Lutzenberger says:

    This is a fruitless offer. I did the first round of this account bonus in January, followed all the rules, and then they turned around a refused to give me the bonus when the time was due. I even called and got the refusal in writing. Don’t bother.

  8. I received an offer for $150 to open a Chase Checking account with direct deposit two months ago. I set up the account online with no problems and received the $150 before the first direct deposit was made. As easy as any other offer I’ve taken advantage of.

  9. I was thinking of changing to Chase anyways. BofA sucks. They won’t take your less than 50% ripped dollar bills like they are supposed to (according to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing). My mom saw this in an ad she threw away, but this is much easier, so thanks!

  10. RUN AWAY! Chase is baaaaad news!!!

    If you just want the $100, Bank of the West is offering a $100 promo in California and other states.

  11. Bank of the West might give you a BEAR!

  12. I got of one those coupons in the mail. I already had a chase checking account, and it let me add a new one online. Once the $100 Direct Deposit hit, Chase gave me the $100 credit.

  13. Heather says:

    I now work for Chase (formerly WaMu) and those $100 offers are legit. The only reason you wouldn’t get the offer is if you didn’t follow the rules which are pretty explicit and easy to follow. If you have a problem not receiving the offer, please contact your local branch and talk to a Banker. They will help take care of you. =)

  14. Anyone know if you can get a reward through both Chase and WaMu? I live in Texas, and I think that here they are still technically separate. I know in the WaMu offer it specifies that you can only get one from them in a calendar year–would that exclude you from the Chase offer?

  15. When I signed up for a Wamu account a couple of months ago, I signed up hastily and didn’t put the full amount that qualifies you for the $100 bonus.

    I did nothing else with the account, except for one purchase and one deposit, and I check my account two days ago, and I received a $100 bonus! I checked to see if I actually qualify, but I don’t, so this is interesting.

    I’m not complaining!

  16. Yes, I located the branch and even though they bombarded me with the coupons before and now I don’t have them on me. They refused to issue me another code. I got up as soon as possible to take my business elsewhere.

  17. I opened a Chase account and got the $100 bonus right after deposited my sales earnings into the account (about $17.00!). I have had to call customer service a couple of times because of questions I had, and am very pleased with the representatives who helped me. No problems, so far.


    $100 bonus for opening — expires 7/24/2009

    Go to site, enter your email address, they instantly mail you the coupon you will need to take into the branch with you

  19. I opened a Chase account last year when they had the $125 bonus and it worked great. I put in a few bucks on the direct deposit (since they do not state there is a minimum on that) and in about 8 months I went and closed out the account. I am thinking of doing this again!

  20. Natalia Evtushenko says:

    Please,send me $100 bonus coupon.

  21. I do not have a chase branch anywhere near where I live, but I like the $100.00 offer….does anyone if chase allows you to deposit money into your account online (like from another checking account)??? I would like to have an sepearte checking account from our family account, but I would like to be able to make deposits other than direct deposits from work.

  22. please send me $100 bonus coupon

  23. i would like a coupon for a chase new checking acct plz email me one if u get a hold of it

  24. I just did it at WaMu.. Something I learned:
    Chase charges $10 monthly checking fee. WaMu does not charge this until Oct. 28, when the merger is complete.
    Additionally, though there is no minimum amount for this account, you cannot close it for 6 months or they debit out the $100 dollars.

  25. My offer say’s (In big bold letters):

    Min bal req $0
    Monthly service fee w/ DD or 5debit card purchase $0
    Free bill pay
    Free DebitCard Zero liabilty protection

    NonBold print:
    Must keep acct open for 6 months
    Must open acct w/ new money
    $100 credit posted w/ in 10days of $100 initial deposit
    $100 credit posted as interest, will get 1099-INT
    Offer expires 11/14/09

    They don’t say what the FEE is for closing the acct. Maybe it is $100?

  26. DonnyD: I’ve just set up the same. After 6mos I will close the acct unless they offer something to make me want to keep it. There can’t be a fee to close it, especially where they have not stated such. I just need to get those 5 debit txns in every month… …no problem there.

    100% interest over 6 mos, yeah wish I had a lot of these.


  28. ARRRGGGHHHH! CHASE has not deposited my $100 “free” money…stonewalling me at every turn. Branch mgr., coporate. FORGET IT!

    I did everything I was supposed to do-auto (payroll) deposit, 5 atm w/d’s, etc etc. EVERYTHING done within days of o;ening the account on 7/31/09!!!

    It’s 11/6/09….NADA! Branch guy keeps promising me but NOTHING IS DONE!

    Going back to credit union. This is stupid.

  29. Gee Gail, sorry to hear about your experience. What’s really weird is I just set mine up a couple weeks ago and this morning I get an EMail from Chase indicating that the $100 has been deposited in my acct (checked and it’s there). I did the 5 txns but haven’t done my auto deposit yet. Just doesn’t make sense that they haven’t got yours right. Good luck and do keep after them, it’s your $100. …Jim

  30. Just checked. 5 txns OR auto deposit: (that’s why I already got the $100) …Jim

    JP Morgan Chase Bank is offering a $100 bonus for new customers who sign up for the Chase Checking account. If you are not a current customer of Chase, you can qualify for this $100 bonus with an initial deposit of $100 and by initiating a direct deposit or five purchases using your new debit card within 60 days. You will receive your $100 bonus 10 days after your direct deposit or fifth debit card purchase.
    Like most account opening bonuses, the $100 is considered interest, so it will be reported to the IRS as interest income. You might owe taxes on the bonus as you would owe taxes on other interest earned in bank accounts.
    Keep in mind that in order for this account to remain free, you have to abide by Chase Bank’s rules. Keep your direct deposit or make five debit card purchases each month to avoid a $6 monthly fee

  31. Thanks Jim for the comments.

    Unfortunately, I’ve done all that….within days of opening the account on July 31! My son opened an account at different branch and rec’d his $100 approx. 3 weeks of opening.

    Rec’d an online reply from Chase “customer service” yesterday asking me to provide the Promo code….aarrrggghhhh!

    The branch mgr. keeps promising “it will be deposited soon” or “by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest” and nothing ever happens. I don’t know who HE is talking to at Chase but he’s not having any luck either.

    The branch appears to be “managed” by young(er) folks who apparently have no authority or responsiblility for customer service in their own branch.

    I’m not fooling myself that Chase will miss me if I close my checking account…but had this been handled appropriately, it may have opened doors for refinance loan, home equity, business checking. too bad.

  32. I didn’t do anything at any branch, all just from PC link above. …must be the difference.

  33. That is a pretty good deal to open a new checking account. Using your debit card 5 times is easy :)

    Is Chase really that bad? I’m out in California and they are new out here, so I wouldn’t know personally.

  34. Got a coupon in mail for $150. Chase would not let you open online if you are not a citizen.

  35. This $100 Chase bonus does have a catch. You don’t actually get the $100. You will only get $72!! They automatically take out $28 for “federal interest withheld.” I can understand having to report $100 as interest at the end of the year when filing taxes, but taking 28% off the top??? I have never seen such BS. This isn’t money from a 401K plan where 20% is taken off the top, then another round when you file taxes.

  36. I opened my account a couple of weeks ago, and within days I had the $100 bonus posted on my account. Today I completed my five debit card transactions, so I will wait until I get the statement to make sure I’m not charged any operating fees. So far, so good! I have loans, credit cards and bank accounts with Chase; have had them for several years and so far I have not been disappointed, except for the outrageous fees they charge if you’re late on a payment, and it’s true they don’t waive it. I was only late 1 day, once, and it was due to an online payment not posting on time, and even after having been with them for nearly two years and always paid on time, they still charged the late fee and other finance charges.

  37. Donna,
    these guys withheld my $28 as well. However I went over to the branch and complained. I am a non-resident alien, so didnt know if tht was the case. However, they asked me fill up a form which states my reason for stay in the US. Once that was done, and they said they faxed it somewhere, I received my $28 refund within 7 days.

    So talk to the branch, they should be helping in getting the $28 back.

  38. I would like to open new chase checking account, does anyone know the active link to get chase coupon? The links above are not working anymore. Thanks.

  39. Hey if anyone has a coupon for the 100$ please email me the code. I really really need it. thanks in advance

  40. This is the 2nd time i’m doing this, the first time i did it, it went thru and now they say they cant find the acct, so i was needing a code, this is driving me crazy….how they say i dont have an acct, then the coupon should still be good, please someone just send me the code not the website that you got it from, my comp won’t allow it, because restrictions

  41. Angela Hess says:

    I had the same problems a couple of others above had. I asked for a code, opened my account online, did the 5 transactions, and nothing. Been emailing them about it since December, got a different answer each time. My personal favorite was the one that told me I had to do all the transactions within the date listed on the coupon, not within 60 days as the coupon clearly states -(bear in mind I did them all within a week of getting my ATM card)

    Then was told it was being researched and they’d get back to me, 2 months later, no reply. I emailed again, they said take the coupon in to your local branch. My nearest branch is several hundred miles away, that’s why I opened it online. SO I called, got someone helpfu, got disconnected, got someone else who said ‘there’s nothing I can do for you.’ Called a third time, got someone helpful, had to make 3 long distance calls to the research department to be told there’s no record of my coupon.

    Gave them both coupon codes I was emailed AGAIN, got another call, no we’re not honouring it. “Nothing we can do.”

    Never have I been so disappointed with a company. It honestly never crossed my mind they wouldn’t honour it eventually.

    I entered it when I opened the account and got a “coupon accepted” message, but the code never showed up on any of my paperwork, (there’s no space for it – not that it’s not there, they just don’t have a spot or it – and you can’t save the application except by screenshot before you submit, so what good is that ) so I can’t prove I entered it. Worst part is I even called to ask about it when my ATM pin didn’t show up and the very nice guy on the phone said, oh don’t worry about it, just call if you have any problems.

    As I said, never crossed my mind it would take any more than that to fix any problems ;-{

  42. Princie says:

    Could anyone send me a 100 coupon code to my email along with the expiry date?

  43. juan lora says:

    please i really need it to get back on trak tanks

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