Chase Business Checking: $100 Bonus Coupon Codes

Chase Bank is offering $100 Bonus coupons for opening a qualifying business checking account with at least $500. You must print out a unique coupon code and bring it in to a local branch.

First link is good for the following states: IL, WI, MI, IN, NY, CT, NJ, OH, WV, KY, FL, LA, OK, TX, CO, AZ, WA, ID, OR and UT. There is a separate link for California accounts. Limit one business checking account-related premium per customer per calendar year. Cash premium will be deposited automatically into your checking account within 10 business days after the minimum deposit requirement is met. Not a bad deal, you don’t even have to mess with direct deposit for the bonus (though each checking account type has their own fee rules). Expires 7/24/09.

If you are starting a side business or freelancing, it can be a good idea to separate your finances with a business checking account. You can simply open one up with your Social Security Number as a sole proprietorship if you’re happy that way, or you can apply for a free Employer Identification Number (EIN) from the IRS. Obviously, other types like LLCs and Corporations are also valid.


  1. Financial Fellow says:

    First off, thanks for the info on the $100 bonus. I visited my local Chase branch and signed up this afternoon after reading your post. I have an LLC I created to cover my website. Thing is I already had a business checking account. I only opened this one up for the $100 bonus. As soon as it hits my account I’m going to withdraw the funds and close out the account.

    The question is whether or not its worth it just to get the $100 bonus… I spent about a half hour getting the account set up and will probably spend another 15 minutes or so closing it out. Not bad for $100. Once you tack on the guilt of opening an account with someone face-to-face knowing you’re only doing it for the $100 bonus makes me feel a little guilty, though. Especially hearing the guy go through his speech about Chase and all of their offerings…

    What do you think?

  2. Even though half of the people may just open the account for the 100 dollar incentive… it’s still worth it to chase because half of the people will actually use the accounts.

  3. DollarBill says:

    Shortly after receiving a Chase Pro Business Mastercard, I received a similar offer in the mail – but for a $200 bonus. Application was a snap and the $200 was in my account in about a week. There is no fee for the checking account (free checks too) so long as I use the Mastercard monthly which I’m more than happy to do with the 3% cash back bonus on gas, restaurants, hardware/home improvement centers, and office supply stores (1% everywhere else). Although I do have a small business, I have yet to use the checking account. Another easy $200 from Chase.

  4. thanks for the link! $100 is worth it to go in and open up an account. every bit helps nowadays. are there any fees to keep the account? the first poster said that he was going to close it. I was figuring I could just leave the money in there for the short term and figure it out later.

  5. I tried to open an account in New York with PA based company and they did not let me. They said that I need a letter from my CPA or lawyer that company is doing business in New York state. :)

  6. I just opened the free business checking in San Francisco and the bonus was $200 for the $500 deposit. I asked the Chase banker and she said they might have changed the promotion recently.

  7. Financial Fellow, do not close your account. From the link below, “Checking account must remain open for a minimum of six months or the cash bonus will be debited from the account at closing.”

  8. Financial fellow, I wouldn’t worry chart it – the $100 incentive is obviously to get people in. Besides, your might end up keeping the account. Chase online is pretty impressive .

  9. I recently opened up a business account and thought I had brought the correct $100 promotional flyer for new checking accounts. It turns out that I had one for a personal checking account instead. Can anyone provide the online promo code for new business accounts with Chase? Appreciate any help!


  10. LLCin CA says:

    I’m also in the process of opening a small business checking account through Chase. My business is LLC’ed in another state and they want a CPA or lawyer to state that I am not doing business in that other state. Does anyone know more about this requirement? Seems odd to me. Does that mean I’ll need to pay CA taxes? I’m an online business and just happen to live in California. I thought Chase was an online bank so this requirement seems strange.

  11. Erik Sanford says:

    Can somebody send a coupon code for a Chase business checking accoung please? THANK YOU!


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