Carnivals and Festivals and More, Oh My!

For your pecuniary perusal, this week’s carnivals are up:
Carnival of Personal Finance #26
Carnival of Debt Reduction #13
Festival of Frugality #1


  1. Thanks for the link buddy!

  2. LansingTom says:

    I recently have gone through the interview process with Ameriprise. One of the sales pitches they gave me to give themselves credability was that they are a Fortune 300 company. WRONG! Flat out lie! I wonder how many clients have been told the same thing?

  3. LansingTom says:

    Yikes I was wrong Ameriprise is listed 297 in the Fortune 300. My apologies

  4. Justanidea says:

    one question you goto work right? you get paid? you are getting paid off a comission your company already made but they just call it a salary or average it out through and hour to hour basis. weird huh cause you just got paid off someone elses hard earned money right? funny how that works… see the thing is they financial advisors at ameriprise get paid a SMALL SMALL salary and its paid out with in the first 8 weeks of work in a year they dont have a base pay and they work 60+ hours a week so the only real money they make is off the deals and clients they help… and im sure more than one person turns down help from a financial advisor so think about it that person on average makes about the same amount a year you do working at you salary paid job or by the hour job….. You buy tools, electronics, tvs, or appliances at sears or stores like that right? have they ever recommended a different brand gave you all the features the other tv didnt have and maybe missing some features you wanted or it was the exact same but different model you werent looking for….well they all work off comission they are usually pushing a sale for a different brand for a higher comission off your money and you still bought it weird huh? really close in to your comparison to A and B packets right… everyone one needs to make a living but he gave you the option to pick or him to pick your forgot that part he didnt force you to anything you didnt want to and it probably cost you more in gas to goto that free meeting than that costco card you were looking for was worth.

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