Calvin & Hobbes On Bailouts

Read into it how you like. 🙂 Via The Big Picture.

Click the image below for full size.

Ah, the timeless creations of Bill Watterson. I own all of the Calvin & Hobbes collections, though I haven’t read them in a long time. Definitely saving them for my kids to read someday. Can you believe that most kids these days have never heard of it?


  1. Over the Cubicle Wall says:

    One of my all time favorite comic strips.

  2. Love it. I read these ever since I was a little kid – makes me want to take out the collections and start reading through them all again.

  3. laughed so hard I cried…

    Loved it. like Adam, this makes me want to read my books again. a good pick-me-up for 2009

  4. I hope you got the rights from and payed Bill Watterson and/or Andrews McMeel Publishing to publish this on your blog.

  5. That’s a gem!

  6. Excellent strip (mmm, that sounds bad). Let me try that again:

    Very timely humor!!!

  7. Oh, how I love Calvin and Hobbes. That’s a great one you’ve found.

  8. :))

    Any other ?

  9. i need to be subsidized too!

  10. Calvin and Hobbes is great! This should be sent to all the Congress-critters. Thanks.

  11. simplesimon says:

    A couple of years ago, I worked part time as a high school tutor while in college and I made a joke that referenced Calvin and Hobbes. The students (only 4-7 years younger?) asked, “Who?” I was a sad man that day.

  12. Awesome! I’m amazed at some of the social commentary Watterson is able to get at in his strip without being pompous or preachy.

  13. ah really great cartoon
    Calvin and Hobbes roocks!
    I start week with a big lol 😀

    Thanks !

  14. Watch with inflation where’s it headed, someone will read this comic in 2025 and be like “Oh man, only $15 / glass for lemonade, that seems reasonable, this isn’t really that funny.”

  15. DebtEye says:

    This was a classic. I need to dig this out of the basement and start reading it every night. Makes me feel young again 🙂 great post!

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