Caine’s Arcade: Creative Kid Entrepreneur + Follow-Up

If you haven’t seen this film about 9-year-old Caine and how he turned loneliness and boredom into his own cardboard video game arcade and an inspirational phenomenon, you must watch it now:

There’s also now a follow-up clip with Caine, his $200,000 college fund, kids he’s inspired, and the Imagination Foundation the filmmaker started:

Finally, check out the Cardboard Challenge happening on October 6th at locations around the globe. Very cool.


  1. OK, its official, Jonathan has gone full blown daddy-mode and has kids on the mind 24/7. 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing!…very inspirational

  3. Amazing story! Truly amazing!!

  4. Wow…what an amazing and inspiring story!!! I’m going to look up the event for my daughter. Thank you!

  5. This young man is an inspiration to us all and he is just nine years old. It is truly amazing what he has been able to accomplish. I think we all have this type of potential but never harness it. He made it happen and is already financially independent.

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