BzzAgent Review –

I recently joined this interesting site called BzzAgent. Basically, you sign up to try new products, and you spread the “Bzz” to others and let them know the reactions that you get. It’s better than simply taking surveys, as you actually get the product to try and they get better feedback than “yes, that might be something I’d buy”. The first product that I got to try for free was It’s similar to those music programs like BMG and Columbia House (who hasn’t joined one of those at least once), where you have to buy one CD per month.

However, there are some key differences that make it better. First, it only costs $5.99 per CD including shipping, with no bogus “handling fees” or the like. Second, you get to pick the monthly CD. You pick a bunch of CDs in your queue, similar to Netflix, and they send you one every month. Want more? You can get all the CDs you want for $5.99 each including shipping. Through BzzAgent, I have tried their service and so far it rocks. On April 1st, they picked a CD from my queue (John Mayer’s “Heavier Things”), and I got it on the 4th or so. Their selection is somewhat limited, but it’s not too bad. So check both BzzAgent and out, and please let me know that you think! Look for a giveaway involving one of their CDs from MyMoneyBlog in the near future. 😉

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