Buy vs. Rent? Screw it, we’re Renting.

I’m not doing the buy vs. rent analysis because my wife and I simply aren’t going to buy a house and try to sell it again in two years. We already know the analysis mainly hinges on expected real estate appreciation, and we ain’t psychic, so we are just going to take what comes for now. No word on if we have to move yet.


  1. We agree (my wife and I) as we faced this dilemma a year ago and decided “well, who knows, in a few years we may get tired of Phoenix and be stuck with a house to sell”. We like your blog and have been visiting for a few weeks. We are also interested to getting a hold on our budget and reigning in the spending.

  2. I agree with the two previous posts. I love my Landlord so much, that I want to continue taking care of him.
    He appreciates it so-o-o much, also.

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