Buy 1 Movie Ticket, Get 1 Free With Discover Card

Fandango and Discover Card have a promotion going where you can get one free movie ticket with the purchase of one movie ticket at regular price. Thanks JI. Hmm… Batman or Wanted?

Terms & Conditions: This offer is only valid for Discover® Cardmembers who purchase at least one movie ticket on The one free movie ticket must be used at the same time as the first movie ticket purchased on This offer is valid from a limited time from 07/01/08-09/30/08, while supplies last. The one free ticket is up to a $12.50 value, including a convenience charge. Limit one free ticket per customer.

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  1. I haven’t seen Batman (tomorrow at midnight, WOOT!), but I would definitely not waste a free ticket on Wanted. Or, I guess you could rationalize that seeing a bad movie for free is better than paying for it.

  2. EBounding says:

    Thanks for the tip! I usually use my Discover card just for gas.

  3. Discover Gift Cards will work for this promotion, by the way. I used one from the December mall promo successfully to get a free ticket to Batman for this weekend.

  4. The only annoying part about the rotating 5% cash back bonus on select categories is that you have to sign up for each of the promotions every 2 months on the website. It’s super easy, pretty much just click a button but it’s really stupid to make me go there every 2 months to select it. Just do it for me Discover.

  5. batman.

  6. I’m with Sarah on this one….BATMAN!!!

  7. ChrisMr says:

    i use the open road card to buy gas, and our marathon station offer a $50 gas card for $48, so I get 4% off of the card, then 5% off of that when I use my discover… so I save about 8.8% on gas. This makes $4.25 gas more like $3.88 if my quick math is right.

  8. nice! thanks. looks like i will be seeing batman this weekend. save wanted for dvd.

  9. Gonna grab two. Thanks.
    A qustion: I’ve just applied for a Discover More card and been approved. I used the regular web page rather than the Invitation Code page when applied. Is there any possibility I could still get a 100$ cash back after purchases? Thanks.

  10. This is now expired:

    We’re sorry, but the maximum number of ticket redemptions has been reached for this promotion. Please come back next month for more movie ticket offers brought to you by Discover® Card.

  11. Thanks for the tip.

  12. Does the 75 dollar fee go under the 0% interest or does it go under the high interest rate?


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