Business Mastercard Easy Savings: Get 5% Back on USPS Online Postage, Dunkin Donuts, & More

MasterCard has an automatic rebate program called Easy Savings that works with “a MasterCard small business or select middle market card issued in the United States, from a participating bank.” This includes certain business debit Mastercards. You can find out if your card qualifies by visiting the website and typing in the card number and trying to register for free.

Here is a list of participating merchants. Two newly added offers are 5% back at the U.S. Postal Service Click-N-Ship website (online postage) and Dunkin Donuts shops. I know some active eBay sellers that wouldn’t mind a 5% discount on postage. The rebates are automatic and show up on your monthly statements. You don’t even have to click through a portal like eBates, just shop like normal.

My CitiBusiness Mastercard and WaMu Business Debit cards were accepted. Given that any individual (as a sole proprietorship) can get either a business credit card or business checking account (with debit card), this is then basically open to anyone who wants it badly enough.


  1. Didn’t work with my Chase Professional Mastercard, fyi. πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, it doesn’t work with Citi Professional MC either. I guess “professional” cards don’t count as business cards.

  3. I only have one business card and it’s an Amex. Good find though…thanks Jonathan.

  4. Do you recommend any particular small business card (say, one without annual fee, and some benefits)?

  5. For those with a small business where you don’t fly often the only card to go with is the AMEX simply cash. 5% back on wireless phone and internet, 5% back on office supplies, 3% back on fuel (used to be 5%). 1% back on everything else. They also have an additional program like “easy savings” called open savings. Highlights: 5%back on Fedex, Courtyard Marriot, Barne’s and Noble. The savings on phone service and fuel make this card the best for any small business and there is no annual fee. The customer service is great with AMEX and they send you a detailed report with your statement regarding your rewards. They automatically deduct your cash back on the statement so you don’t have to worry about “cashing” out rewards at a certain level.

  6. I will second J Will on the simplycash credit card. I have one, and I absolutely love it. I love being able to automatically get the cash back, as opposed to waiting until you accumulated enough to request a check, and not having to deal with points.

  7. J Will, thanks much for the info.

  8. Mine seems to work with the Citi Professional…but I can’t use it yet since I have a 0% no-fee Balance Transfer that I still have a couple months left on. πŸ™‚

  9. Awesome! I almost passed on this until you mentioned the WaMu business debit card.

  10. Although they say this is free, when I signed up, there was a $1 charge for enrollment I saw when I registered my Citi Professional card I promptly unenrolled….after sometime finding someone to talk to personally.


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