British Airways Fuel Surcharge Settlement: 12,500 Avios Minimum Claim

If you recently received an e-mail from “Fuel Surcharge Class Action”, don’t delete it. If you redeemed British Airways frequent flyer miles for an award ticket and paid a fuel surcharge between November 2006 and April 2013, check your spam folder. If you don’t find anything but still think you qualify, visit

The e-mail subject should be “Dover v. British Airways Fuel Surcharge Class Action Notice”. At the top of the e-mail, you’ll find a Class Member Identifier, which you can enter here and see what they are offering you under the settlement. You can take either the points or a cash amount.

The points offered varies between 12,500 and 35,000 Avios, and it looks like 12,500 is the minimum offered. The cash amount is supposed to be 16.9% of the total fuel surcharges you paid during the Class Period for award tickets. For my account, I was offered either 12,500 Avios or $83.60. The deadline to file is July 29, 2018.

At a conservative valuation of 1 cent per Avios, I should probably take the points. However, it has been a pain to redeem award tickets for a family of five on the same flight (that needs to sit together for everyone’s sanity). It’s a close call, but I might just take the cash.


  1. Just curious….if you have a record of using 90,000 Avios miles, Nov. 2011 in my case but have no record of whether you paid a fuel surcharge for sure can you still file and if you want the cash can you make a reasonable assumptions about how much of a fuel charge you paid?

    • I would contact them about it. I’m thinking they will have to do some research and see if they can find your flight in their historical records. Did you redeem on a British Airways flight?

  2. Christine Filipovich says:

    Take the points! West coast to Hawaii is 12,500 each way on Alaska metal. Taxes are $11. BA allows your whole family to combine points.

  3. Italiangirl says:

    I redeemed points on AA but flew British Air. The surcharge was over $800 per person but I think it was 2014. Can I still be eligible for the class action suit?

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