Bogleheads Guide To Investing Book Review Project

JLP of AllFinancialMatters has started his Bogleheads’ October Project, in which every day in October a different person will review a chapter from the book The Bogleheads? Guide to Investing. Hey, if someone reviews every single chapter well enough, maybe you won’t even have to read the actual book! Too bad I already bought a copy (hardcover even!) months ago. 😉 I’m doing Chapter 19: Tune Out the ?Noise?, which is funny, as I’m just now writing something about doing just that.


  1. Jonathan,

    Thanks for the mention and thanks for participating.



  1. Transparent Start-Up says:

    Chapter by chapter review of “The Boglehead Guide to Investing”…

    Here’s an interesting post over at They’re breaking down the Boglehead book, chapter by chapter, all throughout the month of October. The book is on my reading list, so here’s a way to get a jump start.

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