Big Fat Check From eBates

Well, it’s actually only for $42, but that’s what eBates calls their rebate checks. eBates and other similar sites were discussed previously.


You can wring out the most cashback at each separate store by checking out EvReward first, but the thing with these programs is that since you always have to wait at least two months before getting your promised money, so you want to deal with a reputable site. Free money!


  1. Evrewards doesn’t list some of the smaller sites, for example. Fast payouts is their selling point. Earn 1 cent there, request payout and see how fast you get your money.

  2. Jaroslav says:

    If you’re into ebates – then you should also mention in your $50 free money from sharebuilder post, that one can actually get $50 from sharebuilder and $20 from ebates in one shot. I submitted a comment in that post, but it never showed up.

  3. You might want to look into using FatWallet’s “FatCash”. They have much of the same sites that offer rewards, but the percentage is a bit higher.

    Check them out at

  4. Quickrewards looks like they have good terms but how to do they deal with returns? I always thought that places like eBates made you wait so long to get past the allowable return period because if you return the item after you bought it you could theoretically get your full refund AND the rebate.

    From FatCash FAQ:

    How long will I have to wait for my Cash Back to be available?
    Depending on the merchant, 91 – 121 days. Why? Because merchants typically have 90 days to reverse a transaction for return purposes. Your account will show “Pending” during this time.

    I guess as long as it stays profitable for them they won’t care. Of course, this is good for us the consumer at least for now, but may affect the long term viability of the site.

  5. Does fatcash and ebates work with gift cards? In other words, if you get back 3% from Target, can you order a $100 gift card anf get the $3 back? If so, take it to a store and you have a $100 gift card for $97.

  6. Tim MMF says:

    I’ve never used either site. Now I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for deals. Thanks for the heads up.

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