Bet Your Net Worth On Black… or Red… or Black…

This is old news, but I just ran across it. Apparently Ashley Revell, a 32 year old from England, bet his entire net worth on a roulette spin… and won. And by net worth, I’m not just talking selling his stocks. He (supposedly) sold everything he owned – from his car to his underwear, and came up with $135,300. He changed his mind from black to red at the last second, swaying to the crowd’s preference… and walked away with $270,000 after tipping the dealer $600. Now you can spend your Friday dreaming about what you’d do if you doubled your net worth instantly with a spin of the wheel… As for me, I truly believe I’d be doing the exact same thing as I’m doing right now.

Now, if I’d won the Powerball Lotto, I’d be out shopping for my own small country!


  1. I remember hearing about this guy back in the day. It is amazing how ballsy/stupid – pick one depending upon the outcome – he was. I couldn’t believe that he just walked away after that. That was the most spectacular part of it all for me. Think if he could have doubled again . . . I guess that’s why I’m not at the casino doing it – the money would be gone for sure. . .

    Double down . . .okay, just once more . . . good for him!

  2. Jack Turner says:

    Ok, now I wondering who the hell bought used his underwear?! But the guy is a lucky mofo!

  3. Isn’t it in the casino’s best interests to have him win? Of course it is…

    Luck had nothing to do with it.

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