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$10 refer-a-friend bonus is back. is yet another cashback shopping portal that gives a percentage back on online shopping purchases made through their links. Right now it’s also offering a $10 sign-up bonus for a limited-time to get you started. You’ll need to accrue $25 total in cash back within 90 days to withdraw your rewards. This is more restrictive than previous promos, but if you have enough purchases coming up (holidays?) it might be worth a shot. Promotion expires 11/30/15.

To qualify for a $10 Refer-a-Friend bonus, a) new referrals must click on your unique Refer-a-Friend link and sign up as a member through that click-through; b) new members must also confirm their account and earn $25 or more in Cash Back (not including bonuses and earnings from non-purchase activity) within 90 days of account creation.

Other sites that I have successfully cashed out from are eBates ($10 new user bonus after any purchase of $25+), Mr. Rebates ($5 new user bonus – minimum cash-out balance is $10), and Chase Ultimate Rewards (no bonus, but can be good value if you use these points).


  1. Sunil from The Extra Money Blog says:

    so of all the ones you have cashed out from, which is THE BEST weighing in all attributes???

  2. I usually use and see which one is paying out the most for that retailer, and then use that one unless I am close to cashing out at one place or another. I have issues. 🙂 eBates is the oldest one, but all seem to track correctly. BigCrumbs often offers a tiny bit more, like 3.2% back instead of 3% back.

  3. I have to voice my opinion about BeFrugal and their horrible customer service. I went through their site and it tracked correctly, but the amount was off. I emailed them asking why the percentage was calculated wrong. They responded by saying “Oops, the retailer updated their terms but we hadn’t updated the page yet. We’ve taken the page down but don’t worry it’ll be back up soon!”

    Obviously, that response did me no good at all, so I asked them again to rectify. They responded saying they aren’t liable for updates to programs and they have given me cashback.

    More back and forth like this and I told them I could’ve applied for their cashback guarantee if I knew this was the case becausse TopCashBack still listed a higher percentage. Only after this did they begrudgingly give me “the difference” (after probably realizing the guaranteed percentage would’ve been even higher…)

    I did not appreciate their customer service AT ALL. And just remember that when something goes wrong, it’ll be “the customer is always wrong” with BeFrugal.

  4. Hi JW,

    I’m really sorry to hear your experience was less than positive. We take this feedback very seriously and I will certainly pass it along to our customer service team.


  5. I use it works well deposits the money directly to your checking acct, plus pays more than

  6. I think TopCashBack is currently the best. I used to use BigCrumbs, but they have ruined that site. Sometimes I will use the American Airlines portal for the miles. Overall, TopCashBack is the most consistent.

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