BeenVerified Android & iPhone App: Free Background Checks

It’s the digital age, and we all leave a digital trail. Enter, a site that aggregates all of the public record databases available for any given person. Their background checks include an address history (property records, addresses, appraisals), names of relatives, criminal records, and social network data (site memberships, links to profiles, pictures). Right now, they have a free Android and iPhone app where you can get a free background check every 30 days. (The site offers a 7-day free trial, but the apps don’t require any credit card or personal info.)

They warn that these checks should not be used for “employment, tenant screening, or any FCRA related purposes.” That last part about the Fair Credit Reporting Act means you can’t use them to decide whether to provide things like credit or insurance. is not a credit reporting agency, and really all they’re doing is scraping a bunch of stuff from the internet that may or may not be accurate at all. This is all disclosed in their lengthy Terms of Service, so be careful.

So what do you use it for? Well, for one you can see what personal info about yourself is out there. Their target audience include people checking out potential dates or household workers like babysitters or contractors.

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  1. I checked out the Android app and it has pretty bad reviews. 2/3 of the people gave it 1 out of 5 stars. Also checked the iphone version and there were similarly bad ratings there. Seems most peopel say the information is very inaccurate. A few people said that their own felony criminal history didn’t show up. Bummer since it seemed like a great deal. Still I guess it wouldn’t hurt to use it if its free. I mean if your prospective date or babysitter shows up with a felony on their record then thats still cause for alarm. Just be aware the information isn’t complete or necessarily accurate.

  2. It seemed to work for me, but it mixed up the info between my husband and father-in-law since they have basically the same name…

  3. I assume there is a trade-off for the “free” service? Once you download the application, are they now able to add your email address and phone number to their database if the don’t already have it?

  4. You can search individual states’ court databases for free. The problem is you have to search each individual state’s website, and the actual search process can vary from one site to the next. Having a single online source that can check multiple states at a time for free would be handy.

    But I have a feeling this service makes money off you somehow if you really try to use it. For most searches, I’d bet people have an idea of specific states to check anyway, no need to bother with the app, just search those particular states’ sites for free.

  5. Irene Harkins | Background Check says:

    This is nice, even on mobile phone, you can do background check. It is like background screening anytime, anywhere..

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