Barclaycard NFL Extra Points Credit Card

Barclay NFL CardThe Barclaycard NFL Extra Points Credit Card is currently offering 10,000 bonus points after making $500 in purchases over the first 90 days. That’s worth $100 in statement credits which you can use to increase your savings rate, or they have other NFL rewards (is this worth it for certain teams? new Cowboys stadium?). You can personalize the card with your favorite NFL team and there are some other NFL-specific perks like 2 points for every $1 spent at, team pro-shops, and in-stadium. I think it’s a great gimmick as many NFL fans would love to have their favorite team on their credit card, even if the ongoing card rewards are rather mediocre.

This card is issued by Barclays Bank, so it can be combined with applications with other issuers like Citi, Chase, American Express, and Capital One. It’s always good to spread your new card application across different issuing banks. If you apply for multiple cards on the exact same day, then the credit checks won’t show up on the other issuers’ radars.


  1. Reward redemptions are odd on this card. It’s not a cashback thing, but instead you redeem rewards toward a purchase within the last 90 days. Effectively, I think that means that you can really only redeem rewards for a purchase made it the last billing cycle to avoid paying interest on it after one billing cycle. Also, the purchase has to be for more than $25.

    Does anybody know if I make a purchase for $1000 with this card and, assuming the rewards points post quickly, I can effectively take $400 off the top of that same purchase?

  2. Steve, it looks like it works like my Capital One travel card – for any travel related purchase in the last 90 days, I can get reimbursed via statement credit for that purchase using my points. It doesn’t matter if I’ve already paid the card off, it only matters that I have an eligible purchase on the card.

  3. I’m still a little confused. Like Steve mentioned, say I go buy a $1,000 Target gift card. Then I pay off the credit card bill in full. Would they post a $400 statement credit…meaning they want me to keep using the card in order to use the $400 credit? …or, could you not pay the full credit card bill, just pay the minimum, and then it would reduce your remaining balance by $400 on my next bill so you don’t have to pay the full $1,000 out of pocket (though you’d lose a little on the interest that you paid…still being worth it since you don’t have to keep using the card to burn your credits up)?

  4. Good question… Let’s say you have exactly $400 in rewards points. If it’s like Capital One, you’d actually have to make a purchase LESS than $400 (or equal) and have a specific purchased “erased” by your rewards money. Or have multiple purchases smaller than $400 but greater than $25. If the purchase charge is greater than your rewards, then you can’t redeem. That’s how the Capital One Venture points work, not sure about this Barcalys card.

  5. I went for the $200 bonus on this card (oops!) so I can share how redemption went. Once I had the 20,000 points available I made a $300 purchase. After that statement posted I redeemed my points for a $200 statement credit and made a $100 payment to pay off the rest of the purchase.

    I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing that Steve’s idea would work, assuming the points posted at the end of the first statement.

    I’m guessing that if the balance was paid off you would not be able to apply the statement credit.

    And Jonathan, my experience showed that a purchase larger than the rewards amount was fine.

  6. @Steve. Yes, you can do that. Points post after statement posts. The problem is getting the 1000 points that you earn from the $1,000 purchase redeemed. The suggested method is make a $410 purchase and a $590 purchase (Amazon Payments) or make a $400 purchase and cash out $375 then make another purchase close to $35 and cash out the remaining points. Purchases that cannot be covered in full with points can only be redeemed for statement credits in increments of $25. I just got this card and that is the way they are saying it works on the forums.

  7. Good point MAC. I did indeed have to redeem in increments of $25, so I left a few dollars on the table (there was no spend requirement for the $200 bonus, so the amount of unredeemed points is slightly less for me than it would be for the current offer, where you’ll be redeeming a minimum of 41,000 points).

  8. Thanks Jonathan for keeping the radar on and alerting us about the deal. $400 is nice.

  9. LargeTalons says:

    Looks like this offer is already expired, that went quick, didn’t even get the chance to sign up.

  10. Just got my $400 bonus as soon as the purchase bringing me over the $1000 spending requirement cleared :-).

    With a total of 41,024 reward points, I managed to redeem 41,000 for $409.75, so I only left a total of $0.49 on the table.

    This was a great bonus. The biggest “downside” to using this card for the past few months has been the fact that merchants would try to start conversations about pro football, which I don’t follow or have any interest in at all.

  11. Psteele says:

    All Fans! If you are considering the Barclay NFL Extra Point Visa Card, please read below!
    Not really a good experience! I try to manage my finances and we do love our Pittsburgh Steelers! So since we spend lots of money on NFL products I checked into getting the NFL Extra points Visa Card. I have really good credit but the one they gave me still came in at 17.74% interest rate, but since I planned to keep it paid off I accepted the terms. When they say that you get double points for NFL purchases, PLEASE, PLEASE read an re-read and call them to explain exactly what they mean before you make a purchase. I found out after the fact that purchases through Stub-Hub are not considered NFL Purchases, they call it a third-party purchase – so no double points. Also, made purchases from Steelers.Com official site, but no double points there either. Really what they should have spelled out is that if you do not by from the site you don’t get double points. Needless to say, I’m not a happy camper and will be posting their way of doing business on as many sites as I possibly can as the fans should know exactly what they are getting. I don’t want to be told you get points for your NFL purchases and then spend up to three weeks having to fight for the points only to be told by Barclay Customer Service, that it really is up to the vendor and how they bill for the purchase. I wish Barclay would have just been up front in the description and said only purchases are guaranteed to get the double points and purchases from other NFL related sites are questionable, just be honest! Now, I’m getting emails from Barclay about earning 10 times the points for shopping at Neiman Marcus and other department stores! I’m pretty sure there is some stipulation there also so I’m not falling for that! — Just saying…. please be aware.

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