Bank of America: $25 BillPay Promo For Existing Customers

BofA is also offering a $25 bonus to encourage existing customers to try out Online Billpay. Both personal and business accounts qualify. You have to register beforehand at the promotion page, and then pay 2 bills online within 30 days.

I would try and register anyway, but in the fine print at the bottom of the page, it states that this offer is only available to customers who have not made a bill payment with Bank of America Online Banking within the last 6 months.


  1. Awesome, I knew I wasn’t using BoA’s BillPay for a reason…

  2. Will BOA run a hard pull again for a current customer when he/she sing-up a new bill-pay service? Thank you!

  3. Young,

    If you already have an account then Bill pay is free/part of the account. All you have to do is click on the button to start using it. The credit pull is part of opening the account.

  4. rats. would have loved this bonus, since i’ve been using their bill pay since they started years ago! i did it to save on postage. i can attest that their bill pay setup and execution is pretty smooth, i’ve never had any problems with it.

    what i don’t understand is why credit unions typically charge a monthly fee for online bill pay, which i had understood actually saves them money…

  5. angkasuwan says:

    great deal, especially since many people pay online already.

  6. Does anyone know how legit this is? How are they doing this? When you enter your last name, last digits of account number, zipcode of account, and email, you dont get any messages emailed to you; only the next page that says simply make 2 billpays and get $25. Even if you entered random letters and numbers, you still that next webpage. Has anyone received their $25 regarding this offer which was ongoing for over 3 weeks now?

  7. ralph, yeah it’s legit. they are paying out. or at least they’ve directed the vendor who provides the BillPay platform, to track these transactions and report them back to BOA, so they can ostensibly keep their word and pay out. But i suppose they could always just have the vendor do all that, tell the customer about it, and then decide to welch out.

  8. to “K” – it’s a matter of size. if the CU’s want their own branded, unique BillPay setup, then they need to have a pretty large member base (and user base, thats a big prob, many sign up but then dont use) to keep it free. As they get more users, the cheaper it becomes per user. (there’s many reasons for this, but mainly they pay less per transaction if they buy more, kinda like Costco. Also they really really want their users to sign up for e-bills because they can generate revenue this way)

    stick with your community bank or CU if you have one, and try and work with them to get a free-low cost billpay solution for your needs. the big banks really do not care about their customers, the small ones at least care because they have too.

  9. You should not be promoting BofA. That bank has the lowest interest rates of all banks, and they charge ridiculous fees.

  10. Destinizzle says:

    To Bucky,
    This is a money blog, so I would think anything having to do with money could be on this site. Whether a bank has low interest rates or not, it’s news when they do a promotion. Do you know why the charge ridiculous fees? Because you’re not supposed to overdraft or be irresponsible! I have never had to pay any of these ridiculous fees because I make sure I keep money in my account. I wouldn’t call them ridiculous, I’d call them strict.

  11. Anyone had trouble getting this bonus?
    Bofa said I did not meet the requirements, but I did. I think they are trying to avoid paying the bonus.

  12. Sam, They said the same thing to me; and I provided the dates and company names. The last go around they said I wasn’t signed up for bill pay, which I have been using for the last 3 months. I think they are giving us the run around, hoping we will *forget*. VERY FRUSTRATING.

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