Bank Bonuses: Citibank, Bank of West, Provident Bank

You get a $100 bonus when you open an eligible Citi checking account with $1,000 and complete one direct deposit or repeated billpay usage. New customers only. Seems also to be for Citi credit card holders only.

Within the first month after account opening, customer must complete at least one direct deposit to, or at least two electronic bill payments from, the checking account each month for three consecutive months to get $100.

Bank of the West
This regional bank (west/midwest US) is offering a $100 bonus for doing a variety of activities: $25 for opening the account with a debit card, $25 for using it 10 times, $25 for direct deposit, and $25 for billpay. Must be opened in a physical branch.

Offer valid for a new personal checking account opened from September 8 through November 1, 2008 with $100 or more from a financial institution other than Bank of the West.

Provident Bank
Another regional bank (east/northeast US) offering a $100 bonus for opening a checking account with $25 minimum.

Provident Bank will award $100 to new personal checking customers that open a new Totally Free, Regular, Interest or Platinum checking account between 9/2/08 and 11/21/08 that have direct deposit and a Provident MasterMoney™ debit card by 12/31/08.

Wells Fargo
You get a $50 bonus when you open a Wells Fargo Free Checking Account with $100. No minimum balance, no monthly fees.

Limit one $50 bonus per household. To qualify for your $50 bonus, you must open and fund a new personal Wells Fargo checking account with a minimum initial deposit of $100 (not including the $50 bonus) by October 17, 2008.


  1. the Wells Fargo deal says “This offer is only available to consumers in the household that received the special mailing from Wells Fargo Bank, and is not transferable”

  2. Good catch, I guess I should remove it.

  3. Anyone know if Citibank does a hardpull for opening the checking account?

  4. Offer only available to residents of DC, MD, PA, VA or WV

    is an important part of the Fineprint for the Provident bank offer. Regardless, thanks for posting these things.

  5. The Wells Fargo CSR will still take the coupon if you go to the B&M Bank along with the printout.

  6. Wells Fargo was just bought

  7. A quick note about Citibank – I tried to do a similar deal about a year and a half ago and it was nothing but trouble. Citibank messed up everything possible on my application, required an incredibly convoluted identity verification procedure and ended up closing my account unexpectedly even though I did everything they told me to do. I believe the account was closed because they realized they were going to have to pay out the bonus and didn’t want to do it. A direct deposit from my employer bounced and a couple thousand dollars of my money was unavailable for about a week while they mailed me a paper check – all without any warning in advance. Beware.

  8. Citibank is a nightmare monster, similar experience to Mike’s. On both accounts – mine and the spouse’s. Nothing to report but headache.

  9. The Bank of West fine print says.. ‘Offer available only for accounts opened in-branch’. No branch near Seattle 🙁

    But thanks Jonathan for the offers.. 🙂

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