AT&T Mobile Share Value Plan Discounts

AT&T Wireless has changed the pricing on their Mobile Share Value Plans, with unlimited talk, unlimited text, and 2 GB of shared data across all lines now costing $40 + $25 per line if you are off-contract. That’s means two lines with 2 GB of shared data would cost just $90 total (off-contract old phone or bring your own used phone), competing more closely with T-Mobile and Straight Talk. If you do sign a contract, the cost is $40 + $40 per line ($120 total for 2 lines) because you need to pay back the value of your subsidized new phone.

In addition, AT&T will let any customers who signed a contract on March 8th, 2014 or earlier get this pricing even if you are still in contract, provided you switch to a qualifying Mobile Share Value plan. This means that a 2-line plan formerly running $135 can now just be $90. The 2GB, 4GB, and 6GB data tiers all offer a promotional rate. If you upgrade to a new phone on contract in the future, the rate will go back to $40 per phone.

Bring on the price wars. Good news for the consumer! As always, see if you can stack an employee or student discount as well.

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  1. Jonathan

    Thanks for timely update. I quickly chatted with the ATT rep this morning and changed to the mobile share plan. I still have few more months in my contract but they still provided 2GB plan for just $25 instead of $40. So now i pay only $40+$25 instead of $40+$20(Text) + $15 (200MB Data). I will save $10 and also get more on the data plan. It’s a good $10 saving for month.

    I also checked about adding a line and they are giving $100 credit for new line and as well its only $40 plus my current $65, total $105 compared to $80 + device cost in T Mobile. For example for IPhone 5s, its only $105 for us with 2 year contract whereas $80+ $27 +$27 for both new device and pay remaining if you cancel. TMobile is good without contract but you end up paying more if you think that you are not going to change a phone or plan for 2 years. So there is always pros and cons every thing. But it’s good to have options.

    • Update: I just got my first bill after changing the plan and I cannot believe I save almost $15 and getting a better deal. 2GB mobile share plan with Unlimited for $80 – $15 discount = $65 – $16 company discount is only $49 + taxes. No one can beat that price…

  2. Don’t you have to pay tax on the iPhone?

    We’re running t-mo after 15+ years with VZW. So it’s unlimited talk, text and 2.5 GB for each of us (1 GB for my mo-in-law). Our monthly bill before taxes is $93 (15% discount). On VZW a comparable plan would have run over $140 with discounts.

    We bought our Moto X, Nexus 5 and grandma’s Moto G. So that was $950 out the window. But we factored that into the cost and it’s still cheaper than VZW by a country mile. AT&T it may be cheaper given the $100 credits.

  3. Wow, that AT&T site is frustrating. I detest it for uverse (even if they are giving us 24 mbps for $27 a month) but for phones, it’s a nightmare. Anyway, tried to set it up with 4 GB on 3 smartphones phones and it came back at $145 a month before. I’d assume we’d end up getting the 15-20% a month discount we always get at carriers so we’ll say $120 a month. Hmmm. That’s for less data and quite a bit more expensive. Seems like a lot to pay for cell service.

  4. @bgdc, we did the same late last year. After more than a decade with Verizon, we went to T-Mobile. Just way more practical for what we need. Plus I travel internationally for business a few times a year and the T-Mobile international roaming deal blows all other US carriers right out of the water. I mean, it’s not even remotely close. But that was just icing on the cake; we were transferring anyways and found out about the international roaming shortly after the fact.

    IMHO, T-Mobile has proven itself over the past couple years to be the innovator in the mobile communications industry. No, it’s not the leader by a long shot, but it’s definitely changing the game. And the big guys are obviously noticing. (Anyone see Verizon’s new TV commercial?) It’s like a true underdog story – you can’t help but like what they’re doing; even if you don’t like T-Mobile, you can still appreciate the impact they are having on your wireless bill with another carrier.

  5. Funny you bring this up – I just made the switch for this 3 days ago. I signed a new contract by adding my father onto my family plan and got him an iPhone 5S. Now he’ll be locked in for the 2 years and we got the cheaper monthly fee because we purchased the phone in time. Awesome!

  6. Awesome…just logged into ATT and clicked a few buttons and for the exact same plan I will now pay $155 instead of $195! I had signed a contract about a year ago with 3 smartphones sharing 6GB. Thanks for the heads up – this is why I check out your blog daily.

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