Apologies For Unrequested E-mails

At the end of each of my posts, there is the option to subscribe to future comments. It’s not checked by default, but it provides an way to easily follow the conversation. Today, for some reason, some people who were already subscribed to certain posts received updates to unrelated discussions. Since I can’t actually see anyone’s e-mail addresses, I am posting here to apologize. It was not intentional. The whole process is automated, and I believe this event was caused by a bunch of comments being approved all at once after Memorial Day. For those familiar with WordPress, I am using this SubscribeToComments plugin. Please let me know if you have continued issues.


  1. I don’t mean this as a complaint, but just so you know, this tends to happen frequently with your blog … =) … I have subscribed to various posts before, but once every few weeks I will receive notifications for unrelated posts. I use gmail primarily though, so its just a matter of archiving/deleting them away…

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