Anthony Bourdain Quality of Life Quote

Good background and interview with writer/chef/professional traveler Anthony Bourdain in this Fast Company article. His TV show Parts Unknown is one of the few that I watch and the new season starts again soon. I especially enjoyed and am aligned with this quote about his lifestyle:

The one thing these projects all have in common? Bourdain enjoys them. “I’m not looking to rule the world,” he says. “I’m not looking to create a permanent brand. It’s a quality-of-life issue with me. Am I having fun? Am I surrounded by people I like? Are we proud of what we’re doing? Do we have anything to regret when we look in the mirror tomorrow? Those things are huge to me.”

His style is not for everyone’s tastes, but at least he keeps it his style.


  1. Yessir. And that’s a hard thing to capture too as it’s pretty scary at times following those dreams/lifestyles!

  2. Scary indeed. The only reason Bourdain (or anyone else, for that matter) gets to live his dream is because there are dozens, even hundreds of forgotten people who can’t, and do what they can to scrape by. We can’t all travel the world on our own tv shows getting everything comped. Someone’s got to do the grunt work.

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