Another Free Schick Quattro Razor Sample

To get your free Schick Quattro Razor, visit, click to Enter the site, and vote on which facial hair design you want him to have. When they ask you if you want a free razor sample as well, click on “Sure Man”. If it tells you “Sorry, no more samples. Next time pedal faster”, try again later or with a different web browser. It appears to be a little hit and miss, but should come through eventually. Via FW.

First a razor giveaway involving a weird pillow fight video, now one where you get to influence an X-games athlete’s facial hair. Where do they get these ideas? I almost want to tell them to lay off the pot.


  1. thanks for this..

  2. Great offer, as usual with Shick products. Thanks for bringing this to our attention! It was about time for me to buy new blades but I will be able to hold off for a little bit with this new one on its way.

  3. Jon, if you told them that then we would have to buy our razors. I would just say thanks and light up another one!
    Thanks for the find.

  4. Demetrius says:

    Never received the first razor via mail from the first promo. Don’t waste your time going through their ridiculous website to get this one. Not worth the time.

  5. Worked in one go, thanks! Nice beard designs, too.

  6. Booo! Schick sucks, I can only use Gillette Mach razors. Don’t like Schick’s handle or razorhead. Of course that won’t stop my mother from buying Schick razors on sale at Wal-greens and giving them to me as Christmas presents… Sigh.

  7. Thank you!
    Mine worked in one go as well.
    Got one for my boyfriend 🙂

  8. I never received my free razor from the last video were we used “Buffhead” 🙂 All I got was a a ruined yahoo mail account that now receives 100 spamails/day

  9. All these “Free Stuff” giveaways take months to actually arrive. Razors offers are actually pretty reliable in my experience, you just need patience. I have received over 20 free razors in recent memory.

  10. This is probably one of the most monetarily useful posts of recent memory. Razors are EXPENSIVE!!! I bet most dudes don’t realize how much they really spend per year on razors. While I think Schick/Gillette multi-blade razors are sold for highway-robbery prices, they do offer a GREAT shave compared to the single blade cheapo razors. So you can’t argue too much with results…thanks!

  11. Thanks Jonathan!! It did take a long time to get the first offer but I did finally get it. Should get the “buffhead” offer in September. This one should make it in time to shave for Thanksgiving dinner. LOL.

  12. ????? ?????? says:

    Thanks Jonathan 🙂

  13. I finally got mine delivered to me this week. Thanks Jonathan.

  14. I got mine yesterday 🙂

  15. good

  16. Why would I want a Schick Quattro? They suck. All they are good for is making ingrown hairs and bumps. I’m switching to Gillette. Schick can kiss my a–!!!

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