American Express Twitter Promotions (Updated)

twitter-bird-white-on-blueUpdated with Walmart promo. American Express and Twitter offer unique limited-time discounts for specific stores. You may also be able to access these discounts via the AmEx smartphone app or by logging into your account and scrolling down to the “Offers For You” tab, but I’ve found Twitter to be the most reliably available to everyone with an account. Highlights include:

  • Get a one-time $5 statement credit by using your connected Card to spend a total of $15 or more online at by 11/30/14. Tweet using #AmexWalmart to add this offer to your connected American Express Card. You can buy gift cards from various retailers at that you can then use in a physical store. Here is a link to buy a $15 Walmart gift card with free shipping.
  • Courtyard Hotels by Marriott. Get a one-time $20 statement credit by using your connected Card to make a single purchase of $100 or more on all charges to your room, including your room rate, when you pay for your stay with Courtyard Hotels between 8/1/14 and 9/30/14. Tweet using #AmexCourtyard to add this offer to your connected American Express Card. Reservations must be made online at or by phone at 1-888-236-2427. We stayed at the Courtyard Maui Airport and found it clean, updated, and central for sightseeing.

The best way I’m aware of to keep track of new hashtags is via the Favorites list for @AmericanExpress.

Haven’t signed up yet? Link your American Express card and Twitter account at You can also link up your Facebook and Foursquare accounts for similar (usually identical) offers. If you wish to change your linked card (useful for checking which one is linked), go to

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  1. I’ve taken advantage of some previous twitter/Amex promos. Just be sure to note the terms and conditions, especially the expiration dates (been burned by an expired promo once). Great tip on the Best Buy/Amazon deal. Thanks!

  2. The Best Buy offer terms say, “Offer excludes Best Buy Express, Gift Cards, e-gift cards & standalone Pacific Sales stores.” Sounds like it’s either excluding the purchase of Best Buy gift cards or all gift cards.

  3. The terms do say that but there is no way AmEx knows what you bought from a Best Buy store. They have an automated script thats looks for any purchase from Best Buy $250 or higher, and then they issue you a $25 statement credit almost immediately. No humans involved. If Best Buy were running this promotion, then perhaps they’d have that info.

  4. Looks like these are also available on your AMEX account page down by your recent transactions via another tab (at least it is for my account) so you should not need twitter for this.

  5. Baughman says:

    So I signed up and got the following email: Visit the @AmericanExpress Favorites tab to learn about other products and offers available with your synced American Express Card.

    I clicked on Favorites and didn’t see the best buy option for me. Does that mean it won’t work for me?

  6. I’m with Brady on the whole gift card thing. Although AmEx wouldn’t typically know what was purchased, the terms say that the statement credit is only posted after receiving confirmation from Best Buy that it was a qualifying offer, typically within 8 weeks.

    That would give them plenty of time to verify that it was a gift card purchase and not eligible for the credit.

  7. All quite possible within the broad terms, but in my experience the credit appears in a few days. You’ll get a confirmation e-mail in a day or less. I can’t say with 100% confidence for this promo, but the idea that Best Buy goes through every transaction and tells AmEx what you bought – part gift card? what gift card? all gift cards? – is highly unlikely. Worst case, you have a $250 gift card that you bought for $250 hopefully with a points-earning AmEx.

  8. If you don’t have a twitter account (like me), a lot of time these offers are also available on the website. Just log in to your Ax account. Toward the bottom of the page there should be a list of offer available for you to add to your card.

    The offers differ from card to card though. The offers mentioned here are available for my Blue Cash Everyday card, but not my Costco True Earning card…

  9. I’ll be the Best Buy guinea pig. :) Bought $250 in Amazon Kindle cards and immediately received email confirmation from AmEx: “Thank you for using your synced American Express® Card ending in XXXXX at Best Buy!” The account doesn’t show the $25 credit yet, but the email is promising.

  10. Buckaroo says:

    I did the best buy twitter deal… can I do the wal-mart one or is it one deal per card/AMEX acct?

  11. Amazon gift cards are great for small ticket items, but I always make sure to use my Amex to pay for big ticket items, their free extra year warranty is amazing!

  12. @Peter – Yes that’s true and there is also the AmEx iPhone/Android app. However, those are hit and miss while the Twitter ones have always worked for me.

    @Brady – Sounds good, did the $25 credit show up yet?

    @Buckaroo – Yes, you can do all of them if you want.

    @Jared – Good tip especially for electronics.

  13. Following-up on the Best Buy/Amazon gift card trick…. Yes, the $25 statement credit did show up. Great deal!

  14. @Brady – Thanks for the follow-up. I wasn’t able to make it out to Best Buy this time but it worked for me in the past. The Wal-mart deal can be done online, so even better for Wal-mart in-store shoppers.

  15. Jonathan says:

    Why does the Lowes promotion say when you make a purchase at

    • Jonathan says:

      I just tweeted #amexlowes and got the terms. The terms are:
      Get a one-time $10 statement credit by using your connected Card to spend a total of $50 or more on qualifying purchases at Lowe’s by 5/31/2014. Tweet using #AmexLowes to add this offer to your connected American Express Card.

      I believe your terms are a mistake. Maybe you edited a previous offer when you updated the post and missed the Just wanted to let you know. Thanks.

  16. The Speedpass is running a promotion – 25c/gallon of, up to $20.
    If you link your AmEx card to Speedpass device BP deal will get even better.

  17. Please disregard my previous post. It is a deal for Exxon/Mobil only.

  18. It sounds like I need to send a tweet with the appropriate hashtag to get the promo, but when I click the link, I get to an Amex page where I can save these offers and it seems like they’re all set–no tweeting needed. Is that the case?

  19. These were also in my amex special offers so no need to pull out my fake twitter account. Already used two of them today…

  20. Would this work with a penfed Amex card? Or does it have to be with an Amex card issued directly from amex (like blue cash)?

  21. The Staples deal is gone. “Sorry, max # of Card Members have enrolled in #AmexStaples offer.” The Lowe’s offer is still good. I bought $100 amazon gift card using two AX cards

  22. The terms on the Walmart offer say “Offer not valid on gift card reloads and prepaid cards.” So does it really work as you propose?

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