American Express Premier Rewards Gold Card: 25,000 Point / $250 Sign-Up Bonus

American Express Premier Rewards Gold CardAmerican Express has temporarily brought back their 25,000 Membership Rewards point offer for their Premier Rewards Gold Card from American Express®, which is one of their upscale-oriented charge cards where you must pay off the balance each month. Offer expires October 12th.

* Earn More: earn 25K Membership Rewards points after you spend $2K during your first three months of Card membership. MR points are very versatile, and can be converted to 25,000 frequent flier miles in a number of programs in various increments, or you can simply get $250 in gift cards at several stores like Home Depot, Crate & Barrel, or Macy’s. (The usual offers are for 10,000 or 15,000 bonus points.)

* No annual fee for your first year. Another important feature, you can get the sign-up bonus and also try out this card for free for a year. If you keep the card after that, there is a $175 annual fee.

* Offers 3X points on airfare, 2X points on gasoline at U.S. stand-alone gas stations and at U.S. stand-alone supermarkets, and 1X points on other purchases. The traditional versions only offer 1 point per $ spent, so these are an extra perk for those that spend a lot on airfare.

* Earn an additional 15,000 Membership Rewards bonus points when you spend $30,000 within one calendar year. This means that if you spend $30,000 in a year ($2,500 per month) that you’ll get at least 25,000 for sign-up + 30,000 on spending + 15,000 bonus = 70,000 points total, plus any extra for gas/groceries/airfare.

For those that charge a lot, especially with reimbursed airfare, that’s enough for 70,000 frequent flier miles (possibly two flights to Hawaii) or $700 in gift cards. If you don’t, there’s still that $250 upfront bonus with only $1,000 minimum spending. Terms and Restrictions Apply.


  1. Jonathan,

    I participated in this offer last time you posted it and have received all of my gift cards. Thanks for mentioning it. I noticed that you post the same offers many times. Do you ever complete any offers more than once? I have never tried to do this both because it’s probably not allowed and it doesn’t really seem like the right thing to do.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information!

  3. @Eric – Sometimes people have successfully done a “double-dip” or even “triple-dip”. It depends on the fine print, sometimes for an issuer a “new” customer just means you aren’t one currently and haven’t been one for 90 day or a year. Other times they simply don’t enforce their own rules, but usually I don’t test it either. If anything, I just get Mrs. MMB to apply. :)

    Many times, the name of the card changes slightly, so it is a separate offer. For example, there have been several “Gold” cards by AmEx. The plain “Gold” card, a “Rewards Gold” card, and now a “Premier Rewards Gold” card. Add in small business versions, and you get the picture.

  4. I noticed the terms disqualifying existing cardmembers are a bit more broad for this offer:

    “Offer not available to existing consumer American Express Charge Cardmembers”

    whereas the past terms stated you were disqualified if you had that specific type of card already (e.g. Premiere Gold, Starwood, Skymiles, etc.).

  5. Hmmm. What’s interesting to me is that this definitely outdoes the Chase Sapphire card, which was supposed to be the main competitor to AmEx. I wonder if Chase will up its rewards package on the sapphire to compensate.

  6. on the website it says expiration is 10/11/2010, not 10/12! darn it, I missed it.

  7. Hi! I applied for the card through the link and now amex says they can not find the offer of the 25,000K bonus points in my application. They are asking me to provide the offer code to see if it is applicable to my account. Does anyone have the offer code for this sign-up bonus?


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