American Express & Foursquare Promotion

Update: Foursquare and American Express are running this promotion again nationwide – even if you did it already previously – this time for $5 off $10 at participating small businesses. I just looked for restaurants nearby that accepted AmEx and found several that are eligible = another cheap date night! Just “check-in” and you can load the discount onto your linked credit card. Thanks EC for the tip.

Foursquare is a location-aware smartphone app where you can “check-in” at specific places and share information. First, connect your foursquare account to any eligible American Express Card at Then follow the quoted directions below on your smartphone. I want to say that all this should work with an iPod Touch or iPad as well, but I haven’t tried.

Check in at a merchant with a Special, load the Special to your card, and then pay for your over $10 purchase with your American Express ® Card. No need to show your phone to a cashier or anything – you’ll receive the credit on your Amex statement within 5 business days. You can find dozens of deals in your area just by hitting ‘Specials’ on the ‘Explore’ tab on your foursquare app (there are hundreds of thousands of participating businesses).

p.s. You can still score free points from Hilton Honors and other rewards programs by “checking in” using the Foursquare app when you register with TopGuest. You can get 50 Hilton points every day you check in at a Hilton hotel, for example. You only need to be within 10 miles of the hotel to check in the first time, and in future times you need to be nearby at all. I can check in once a day, every day, for 50 points, although I usually forget to.


  1. AMEX is really ramping up the promotions aren’t they?! Might have to give this one a shot too.

  2. No luck for us, dumb phone users

  3. When you click on Explore on the iPhone app, you can see business listings that are eligible for this $10 off $10+ purchase. I found a gas station that is eligible for this special. I have four AmEx cards so I will be able to fill up my car for free. I just need to register those four cards first and confirm from AmEx they are registered with my foursquare account.

  4. GamecockLaw says:

    @Sun: How can you register more than one card on a single foursquare account?

  5. I think it is only $10 of $10+ per one foursquare account.

  6. I think this deal is dead now as I cannot find any more american express specials when I click on the specials tab in Foursquare. Anyone else finding this also??

  7. Back as of 7/16/12

  8. seems like the first time you get $5 off $10, second is only $5 of $25.

  9. Does the check-in for Hilton have to be at a specific type of hotel in their chain? I tried checking in at a Hilton Garden Inn and didn’t get any bonus points.

  10. Not sure, but the TopGuest promo should be a listed “special” at the hotel on the Foursquare app. I check in at a local DoubleTree and it works.

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