American Express Network: $40 Off $200 Purchase at Lowe’s

The following offer is targeted at American Express Business Platinum cardholders, but has been reported to work successfully with all American Express cards. The deal is if you register your card at and make a single purchase of $200 or more at Lowe’s by November 15, 2011, you will receive a $40 statement credit. It would appear one good way to test this is to make a $200 gift card purchase at Lowe’s, either for a Lowe’s gift card or some other retailer gift card that is available in-store. Then you can use the gift card with any other available coupon later.

To be eligible for this offer, you must be the named recipient of this invitation and register your American Express Business Platinum Card® at between 9/5/2011 and 11/15/2011. You may only register one Card for this offer. Using your registered Card, you must make a single purchase of $200 or more between 9/5/2011 and 11/15/2011. If your Card is replaced during the promotional period, please call the customer service number on the back of your Card for assistance. Limit one offer per Card member. Statement credits are generally issued within 5 business days after your qualifying purchase, but may take up to 2 billing cycles to post to your account. The reward of $40 will be credited to your registered Card account as a statement credit. Additional terms apply; see Registration Terms and Conditions.

I tried my trusty Starwood American Express and AmEx Blue Cash back card and both went through successfully, and I also got a confirmation e-mail. Lots of home improvement going on recently, so I’ll follow up to see if I get the $40 credit.


  1. Do these types of deals with with Fidelity AMEX cards?

  2. infamousdx says:

    Got my Starwood Amex to work too. I wonder if this counts for gift card purchases so we can just buy a $200 GC through a shopping portal. Thoughts?

  3. It should work with any AmEx, including Fidelity. I would assume online purchases work, but the page says nothing specifically about it. I was planning on seeing what retailer credit cards were available in-store later this week.

  4. I have an 11 year old American Express “Student” Blue card that is still active, and I never use. I am considering trying this offer out — by buying gift cards. But I am concerned about the fine print “To be eligible for this offer, you must be the named recipient of this invitation and register your American Express Business Platinum Card® at between 9/5/2011 and 11/15/2011.” I didn’t get the offer (that I know of) via mail, e-mail, etc, and I don’t have a Business Platinum card. I like lots of Jonathan’s posts & advice but I’m a bit skeptical that this just “should work” with another card. Can anyone post a report of it working with a non-platnium card when they didn’t receive an advertisement for the offer? I’d appreciate feedback. Thanks.

  5. @Stephen – I registered my Starwood Amex on the site and got a confirmation email from the system.
    If you buy retailer gift cards from Lowes that you plan to use anyway, there is no downside if you don’t get the $40 credit – this is your worst case scenario. A $40 credit will be a nice upside and a early holiday gift from the folks at Amex. 🙂

  6. They’ve got amazon gift cards at mine. I registered my amex and bought $200 of amazon gcs so we’ll see if it goes through.

  7. I also bought $200 in Amazon gift cards. I’ll be checking my Amex account on-line daily, and will report back if and when the $40 credit posts.

  8. The offer page says to use American Express Business Platinum Card (which exists) so I wonder if this offer is a go or no go. I only jumped on it because I found a gift card that I use anyway and will use it up in two months.

  9. playcentric says:

    Don’t think FIA card will work as it is not American Express Business Platinum.

    Anyone received credit for buying a $200 Gift card?

  10. playcentric – Not yet, at least I haven’t gotten a credit yet. I thought about calling or writing to AMEX, but I think I’ll give it another week or two before I try to follow-up.

  11. I registered my Gold Premier Rewards card and then purchased a $200 Lowe’s gift card online. After a few days I didn’t receive the $40 credit so I secure messaged Amex. Worked like a charm. Credit showed up the next day along with an email apology. I think I will try my SPG card as well. Combined with Lowe’s coupons that come in the mail, this is a pretty good deal.

  12. playcentric says:

    Rec’d email from The American Express Network confirming $40 credit after I bought $200 Lowes Gift card using my Busines Platinum card.

    Has anyone used the SPG card and also receive the $40 credit?

  13. infamousdx says:

    @playcentric – I did. I received the $40 credit confirmation email as well with my SPG card. Wrote about it on my site.

  14. I bought $200 of gift cards and a socket wrench set on clearance at Lowe’s last Wednesday, got the $40 credit on Friday. Using Amex Blue Cash.

  15. infamousdx says:

    Registered with Starwood amex. Bought $200 gift cards on (through for 1.6% cashback).

    Received my $40 credit yesterday!

    Going to push it and try my Premier Rewards Gold card since I already need to buy Lowes GC’s anyway. Will report back…

  16. Chris Spencer says:

    I registered to cards, the Amex Blue Cash Preferred and the Simply Cash Business card.
    Ironically, when i purchased with the Business card, i didn’t get a credit. So i sent an email and customer service didn’t even know what promotion I was talking about. So i sent them the web link and in a day they gave me a $40 “courtesy” credit to my account.
    Then two days ago I purchased with the Blue cash and today I got an auto-email saying I got the $40 credit.
    So $80 the richer. (:

  17. Received the $40 cashback on my Amex Blue even after I received an email reply from Amex saying this card wasn’t eligible. Free money … I like that!

  18. I made 2 $200 purchases (for Shell gas cards and Amazon gift cards) at Lowe’s on October 31, one with a Blue Everyday Rewards and the other with Fidelity AMEX. On November 11, $40 was credited to my Blue card, and another $40 was credited to my Fidelity account on November 14.

    Thanks, Jonathan, for letting us know about this offer!

  19. playcentric says:

    Bill – Thanks for the update. Did not know Fidelity AMEX even qualify. I will use this card to make a purchase today.

    Thanks to Jonathan, you are great for keeping this blog alive daily.

  20. I registered two different cards, bought Shell Gift cards and both now have a credit.

  21. I was able to get my ally atm debit card fee credited when I went to Fiji in August.

  22. I registered my Fidelity Rewards card for this offer, got an email confirmation, bought $200 worth of stuff at Lowes & didn’t get the credit. It sounds like you need to email Amex to get them to do a courtesy credit?

  23. playcentric says:

    Pogo – I got mine 4 days after purchase.

  24. Artful Dodger says:

    I had to give hell to Amex for not crediting my account. They said that I was not invited but credited $40 to my account nonetheless a week after my 200$ purchase. Thanks Jonathan!

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