American Apparel: $50 Gift Card For Just $25

This is Groupon’s national deal today (update: extended through Sunday 11/20), and seeing that 1,000 has already been bought, I guess people like it. $25 for $50 of stuff at American Apparel. I’ve never bought anything from them before – what would make a good gift value?

$50 minimum purchase. In-store only. Not valid on Multi-Packs, California Select Vintage, Multibrand products, or shoes. Not valid at outlet locations. Not valid with other offers or sale items.

If you don’t have a Groupon account already, please use my sign-up link first. It’s free for you, and I’ll get some Groupon credit for future deals. Groupon is a popular group-buying site where in major metro areas you get one deal per day from a local retailer as long as enough people sign up for it, along with occasional nationwide offers.


  1. Just make sure you use it quick ’cause this store can go bankrupt any day…

  2. Looks like it is not valid under too many conditions. Pass …

  3. Deals like this just reinforce that a particular brand has 100% markup on their products. Plus I have boycotted AA because their owner is a douchebag.

  4. I thought all retail clothing at malls had at least 100% markup. 🙂

  5. I was briefly interested in this groupon, until I went to their website to find out if there was a store near me and was inundated with soft-core porn. No thanks.

  6. My wife was interested in this and sent it to me to get my opinion. Luckily I didn’t open the link at work because she cotacted me later saying that the website is full of amateur porn. Not cool.

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