$25 off $75: American Express Offers

Update: This deal appears to be expired for new registrations.

If you have an American Express card, log into your account online and scroll down until you see the “Offers For You” tab. Many (but not all) will find a offer where you if you spend $75 on your linked AmEx, you’ll get $25 back. (Looks like this, but for Amazon). Again, the easiest thing to buy may be an Amazon electronic gift certificate that way you don’t need to spend that $75 now and you can combine multiple gift codes.

Get a one-time $25 statement credit by using your enrolled Card to spend a total of $75 or more online at by 12/31/2013.

However, this offer does not appear to be targeted, and should be available to everyone with an eligible card. You can also sign up via American Express Sync partners Twitter and Facebook, but the easiest way to apply appears to be at this special offer link. It also looks like authorized user cards can apply for their own separate $25 credit using that last link. Thanks to reader Linda for the tip.

These AmEx offers that are valid on every card can really add up. I’ve already mentioned that the only annual fee card I renew every year is the Starwood Preferred Guest® Credit Card from American Express which has an annual fee of $65 (first year is free). We use Amazon Mom for our baby needs so with the free authorized user card, that is $25 x 2 here plus $10 x 2 for Small Business Saturday so that is $70 already, not including the previous Lowe’s and Staples offers where I could buy gift certificates to Amazon, etc. as well.


  1. Great one, thanks!!

  2. reedandbamboo says:

    Thank you for posting this. I combined it with code: BOOKDEAL to get some stuff =D.

  3. Yes this is a good deal if you shop regularly on Amazon… I’m deciding if I should buy $450 in gift cards for $300 using this offer 6 times. Probably yes as I have been signing up for some food items via Subscribe and Save and will eventually use them all up.

  4. I think this is the second gift card bonus in the last few weeks.Thanks so much. I never hear about these things other then here

  5. Has anyone done this and does work if you just buy a $75 gift card? Does it have to be an amazon giftcard?

  6. Thanks for the heads up! I did get this offer on my card. :)

    I also see one for $15 after spending $115 at Costco. But my Amex card is the Costco branded one so that one may be YMMV.

  7. Thanks dude! Now I wish I had more than two Amex cards…

  8. Jonathan, have you confirmed that you can use this offer multiple times (like the BP offer)?

  9. @Z – Yes it works with Amazon gift card. You can buy anything at Amazon.

    @jim – I see that one too on a non-Costco AmEx. Be careful I think it is only, although I’m betting that buying a Costco gift card will work as it did in the past.

    @Pedro – It is one per unique AmEx card number. My wife and I always add each other as authorized users on our cards. We have a Starwood, Blue Cash Preferred, and Gold card. Can’t do it multiple times per card.

  10. @Jonathan – Does that mean your wife has to login to a separate online profile and register for the offer with their unique card number? Or would an authorized user automatically be registered for the offer when the primary card holder registers?

  11. @Pedro – Use the “special offer link” mentioned in the original post above and you can enter each card’s unique number directly. You’ll need to register each card separately. (But yes, my wife has a separate login as well.)

  12. Just signed up with 9 cards. I plan to use them all. Might as well stock up on $75 amazon gift cards since they do not expire and I conisistantly spend more than $75 a month since the child arrived.

  13. reedandbamboo says:

    Hard not to love Amex … with this deal, and Small Business Saturday.

  14. Thank you for posts like this one. Your post called my attention to the “Offers for You” tab on my AMEX webpage after logging in, where I found a lot of more appealing offers than usual. Most offers worked out to 15% – 30% cashback at places I actually plan to shop. I used three offers just last night immediately after reading your post – BP, Ruby Tuesday, and Tiger Direct – for a total of $45 cashback. I have nine more offers I signed up for to use by the end of the month.

  15. Synced to FB but there is no $25 off $75 for amazon.

  16. Troy Brown says:

    Yeah, I was too late as well. Was ready to make an Amazon purchase but that offer is no longer listed. My fault for not getting on it sooner.

  17. Just wanted to comment that I decided to order about $75 of stuff from Amazon using this deal, but then kicked myself when my Amex statement clearly showed 3 separate transactions (because the products were coming from third-party Amazon sellers and did not ship from the same facility). I thought I’d basically have to try again with a single big ticket purchase (or do exactly what Jonathan suggested in the first place and get the $75 gift card first, which in retrospect is a much better idea). However, I see today that Amex awarded me the $25 anyway. Cool!

  18. reedandbamboo says:

    @ Kenneth

    Thanks for the update! I was worried about that happening and was planning on cancelling my $40 Amzon GC purchase (in addition to $48 in book purchases). I see three separate charges on my AmEx and no $25 yet. Fingers crossed.

  19. The ‘special link’ is expired but if you’re already signed up the actual offer doesn’t expire until 12/31.

  20. Can someone confirm if they did recieve the bonus from Amex for a $75 GC purchase. Wanted to make sure …

  21. buckaroo123 says:

    Second the confirm for the amazon GC. I ordered one, and the charge posted, and I havent gotten a credit yet. I guess it may take a day or two… I will report back

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