Amazon Coupon Code: $5 off $15+ of Print Books


New book coupon code. Amazon has $5 off $15+ of print book purchases with promo code BOOKGIFT17. Can be one book or multiple. Offer expires at 11:59pm Pacific 12/14/17. Must be sold by

tribeferrisHere are some popular recent books that are on my reading list:

Here are some suggestions for those looking to gift a financially-related book:

This would also be a good coupon to discount a cookbook gift or a bunch of under-$3 children’s books in the same cart.


  1. $5 off $20 is sweet deal. Perfect for Christmas gifts this year!

    Steps I took to buy 3 ‘Positive Learning for Kids’ books and applied code (GIFTBOOK17) at checkout before it expires –
    (1) Add to cart – (Good Habits Part 1)
    (2) Add to cart – (Good Habits Part 2)
    (3) Add to cart – (Animal Alphabet A to Z: Teaching positive concepts to kids)
    (4) Entered promo code GIFTBOOK17 at checkout to get $5 off for these excellent books.

    If you want to add another book, you can add this too – (Animal Alphabet Sharing and Caring)

  2. Thanks for posting. I came looking for amazon deal here. Looks like it’s less this year. I was sorta looking forward to $10. Oh well…Considering the cost of the books I need, Barnes and noble is doing a great job actively flooding my inbox with coupons, I’ll go there. I haven’t shopped there in years but I recently took a glance and they have the same prices as amazon, and they have coupons. I need a few books for my practice and they are all above $70. I think for a $20 book, the amazon coupon makes sense but for anything above $35, the 15% barnes and noble coupon makes sense.

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