Amazon Music Unlimited: 4-Month Free Trial with Eligible Citi Credit Card

Update: The previous $10 credit sold out quickly, but Amazon has brought back this promo with a $5 credit. Still better than nothing if you missed it initially. 🙂

amuHere’s a quick and easy offer for new subscribers to Amazon Music Limited. Even if you don’t like to stream music, you can sign up for a free trial and get a $5 credit towards anything shipped and sold by Amazon.


  1. Thanks for the notice, Jonathan! We’ve been using just the free Amazon Prime Music and free Pandora with our Echo and Echo Dot, and waiting to see if Pandora would get their Premium Product to work with Echo before deciding between that and Amazon Unlimited.

    Maybe the $10 is enough to push us over the edge. Although, honestly, we’re not really feeling too limited by our current free music streaming options.

  2. “The limited supply of credits have all been claimed.” Oh well!

  3. Costco co-branded vard not eligible :/


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